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Here’s Why The Kissing Booth 3 Was The Worst Movie I’ve Seen In A Long Time

The Kissing Booth 3

If you’ve seen the first and second The Kissing Booth movies on Netflix, you should know they aren’t very good. They’re corny and cheesy, but fun to watch because of it! So, when the third one came out a few weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting to watch an Oscar-worthy film, but I definitely didn’t expect it to be that bad. I somehow convinced my fiancé to watch it with me and by the end we were rolling our eyes, laughing at every detail and picking it apart. So, let’s get into why The Kissing Booth 3 was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

The characters

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If Joey King’s Elle Evans is supposed to be likable, they did a really bad job. This girl gets everything she could ever want and need – accepted into two top universities, a “super hot out of her league” boyfriend, a great best friend who cares about her, a dad who does everything to be able to afford her going to college, a great family/friend support team, another “super hot” guy fighting for her love, and SO MUCH MORE – but she still complains about EVERYTHING. There is not a single moment in this movie where Elle is appreciative to the people around her. She whines about everything, flakes out on her “best friend” constantly, leans on another guy who isn’t her boyfriend (and likes her) for support, yells at her dad’s new girlfriend for no reason, and is the biggest spoiled brat ever. She sucks and is so annoying to watch.

But beyond the main character who totally sucks, almost EVERY main character sucks. Her “super hot out of her league” boyfriend is a total man-baby who throws huge fits over everything instead of talking it out. Her best friend has a girlfriend of his own that he practically ignores to plan elaborate hangouts with Elle (who doesn’t even show up). The only cool character is Chloe, who is painted as a bad guy because she’s the female friend of Elle’s boyfriend, Noah. This movie was incredibly hard to watch because I wasn’t rooting for anyone, honestly.


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This movie was almost two hours and did it solve anything? No. Absolutely not. It could have been cut to an hour and it still would have felt completely unfulfilling.

The cliches

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No shade to ​​Beth Reekles who wrote the books, because apparently, the movies didn’t even stick to her original plot. But, this movie could have been written by a 7-year-old. I’m not joking, if 7-year-old me was asked to write a Netflix movie, this is EXACTLY how it would have turned out. This movie is filled with cliche moments and phrases that have been so overused. Here are a few examples of actual quotes and moments from this movie:

  • The “You can’t replace my mom” scene where the sad daughter/son is angry at their parent’s new partner, because they can never replace their real parent.
  • “Maybe we’ll find our way back to each other.”
  • “And just like that, summer was gone.”
  • “Maybe loving each other isn’t enough.”

These are only a few examples but there were so many more that were so horribly cringey and predictable. It’s like they made an AI robot watch 1,000 chick flicks and attempt to write its own.

The relationships

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I did not care about a single relationship in this movie… and it’s supposed to be a chick flick. SPOILER ALERT: The main relationship that we’ve been (or have been supposed to be) rooting for the entire time doesn’t even end up together. They meet again after a few years and have a stupid little conversation about the kissing booth that got them together and then he… walks away. 

The other main relationship (Lee and Rachel) end up “finding their way back to each other” and getting engaged but who cares? We didn’t even get to see the proposal.

Overall, I would never subject myself to watching The Kissing Booth 3 again, so I had to warn you all. Don’t watch it, and if you do, be ready to laugh your ass off and grab some popcorn.

What did you think about The Kissing Booth 3? Let us know if you agree with our review in the comments below!

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