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Here Are 5 Easy Indoor Plants To Grow For Even Those With The Busiest Schedule

easy indoor plants to grow

Indoor plants are great. They liven up our living spaces and bring some color to our homes. There’s just one problem. They can sometimes be hard to take care of, and they can’t talk. Maybe that’s two problems, but plants can’t tell you when they need more sunlight or more water or that they have root rot or they don’t like the corner you put them in. Plants can be pretty difficult, especially for those of us who don’t have the time to be the perfect plant parent for each and every one of our green babies. So, I’ve compiled a list of easy indoor plants to grow that I feel like I couldn’t kill even if I forget about them for weeks on end.


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Aloes are easy to take care of and they also give the love you put into them back! These magical medicinal plants don’t like frequent watering but they do enjoy light sunlight. I’ve kept mine sitting near windows and on well-lit tables and they’ve become part of the furniture sometimes. Regardless, they seem to thrive. I also feel like Aloes give relatively easy-to-see warning signs when they aren’t feeling like they’ve been getting the love they need. You’ll see your plants’ leaves drooping or starting to inflate when they are overwatered and you’ll see them start to dry up when, well, your plant is starting to dry up.

Foxtail Fern

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This plant doesn’t want much attention. It just takes knowing what it like to keep it happy. Foxtail ferns have roots that store more water than your average plant, so they’re crazy drought tolerant. However, these plants like having some humidity regardless. So, to keep my plants (and this plant especially) happy, I’ve set most of them up next to a window with light that is filtered by a plant and blinds. Next to my plant area, I have a humidifier set up that helps keep moisture levels up in the air so the plants aren’t completely dry in my Arizona apartment. And while some days I neglect opening my blinds, and while some weeks I completely neglect my humidifier, my Foxtail fern keeps sitting pretty, with new growth popping up all the time.

Zz Plant

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This plant is AWESOME if you don’t have a green thumb. My Zz plant is still in the pot it came in, and I feel like I’ve barely watered it since getting it ages ago. This plant doesn’t mind being dry, so you can literally forget about it for weeks without any repercussions. Zz plants are also tolerable to several different kinds of light, and can survive in shaded areas, making them a great bedroom plant! I also think this plant looks super cool so that’s definitely an added bonus!

Snake Plant

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Snake plants, like Zz plants are tolerable to a variety of situations, but prefer dry soil and lower levels of light– a forgetful plant lover’s dream. Another great bonus of Snake Plants is that they are easy to repopulate. Snake plants multiply with pups, which can be separated from the mother plant and grown on its own. Snake plants can also be repopulated by taking cuttings. I think snake plant cuttings are SO cool because all you need to do is snip off a Snake plant leaf, like giving it a little haircut. After drying the end of your cutting, you can place the cut leaf into water and after a while (and after changing out the water every so often to keep it clean), you’ll find roots starting to appear. Once these roots become significant, bada bing bada boom, you’ve got more Snake plants, easy as that.


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I’ll admit, Pothos plants are a little bit trickier to care for than the other plants on this list, BUT it isn’t hard to care for, per-se. Pothos plants don’t like getting dry, so if you have one, make sure you’re keeping the soil moist. The finger test– sticking your finger into the soil and seeing if it is damp and sticking to your finger or not– is a good indicator of when your plant is in need of a watering. If your finger comes out dry and clean, your Pothos is probably thirsty. Pothos plants also enjoy being in a more humid environment, so keeping a humidifier running and/ or misting your plant regularly will keep it happy. Like Aloes, Pothos plants seem to also offer good indicators as to when they’re feeling unwell. Yellowing leaves, browning leaves, etc. will let you know what is going on with your plant before it kicks the bucket on you unexpectedly. Additionally, the payoff of having a photos plant around is major. These plants are gorgeous and grow quickly if they’re happy. Like snake plants, Pothos are also plants that repopulate easily, so there’s lots of viney love to go around. 

I’ve found these plants were easiest for me to take care of in my lifestyle and in my space. This doesn’t mean these will be the easiest plants for you. Maybe you’re naturally a succulent parent, maybe you thrive when it comes to water plants. Regardless, it all comes down to knowing what your plant likes and dislikes and being practical with how you plan on caring for your plants. If you know you won’t be able to keep up with multiple watering schedules, then maybe it is best to pick plants that enjoy the same type of things. This way, you can keep all your plants on the same routine, and you won’t be creating a plant graveyard.

Do you have any of these plants? What are your top picks for easy indoor plants to grow?

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