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Need New Music? Here’s A Perfect Album Recommendation For Each Star Sign

album recommendations for zodiac signs

While we all have different tastes in music, I’ve found that some albums just exude the same energy as some of the star signs. If you are interested in what each sign would sound like if they were an album, these are my picks! So, which album recommendation will your sign get? Let’s check out my album recommendations for zodiac signs.

♈ Aries: Sugar” G. Love & Special Sauce

As an Aries, you are often self-confident, optimistic, and brave. I think an Aries would enjoy the up-beat, bounciness of G. Love & Special Sauce. The music is a great blend of the east and west coasts, with rap, reggae, blues, jazz, and rock influences. You like to mix it up and try new things but remain heartwarming and joyful. Because of this, “Sugar” matches your vibe. My personal favorite song on the album and its namesake, “Sugar” is soulful and fun, but also direct and bold.

♉ Taurus: Costello Music” The Fratellis

As a Taurus, you are stubborn, sometimes rigid, but also graceful and intentional. Your stubbornness leads to your dependability. Similar to how others can depend on you, a listener can depend on this album’s strength. The beats in this album are rigid, strong, and prominent, but also perfect-fitting, fun, and often beautiful,  just like your presence! Plus, I have never met a Taurus who didn’t love head banging, and you can definitely head bang and dance around to this album.

♊ Gemini: Onion” Shannon & The Clams

Geminis are impulsive, clever, and indecisive. These qualities make me feel like you’d Love “Onion” by Shannon & The Clams if you’re a Gemini. This beach rock band brings fun, varying vibes in this album with lyrics creative and clever enough for a Gemini to appreciate. There is also a lot of emotional switches that occur in the songs, which reminds me of a Gemini, but in a fun way. 

♋ Cancer: Geography” Tom Misch

Cancers are sensitive, loyal, and caring people who remind me of Tom Misch’s Geography because of how strong its heart is, and the feeling and flow the music carries you along. I feel like only a Cancer would be able to feel out the music maze Misch creates. I also feel as though the calm, soothing energy of this album will be sure to comfort cancers – we all know they need that.

♌ Leo: La Musica Popular Du Verdun” Clay and Friends

Leos are exciting, colorful, and natural leaders. I feel as though a Leo would love this album because it’s just as exciting as they are. Some moments of this album are in French while others are in English, on top of that, the album is generally poppy and fun, which I think would bring the light out in Leos that is so bright.

♍ Virgo: “Return of Saturn” No Doubt

The practical, innovative, and personable Virgo fits right into “Return of Saturn” mainly because I feel like they can relate to Gwen Stefani’s lyrics, voice, and reputation. This album to me can perfectly represent a Virgo who has been crossed. We go through thought processes on the dreamier/ spacier lyrics that lead into more agitation with more 90’s ska rock vibes that are amazingly characteristic of No Doubt.

♎ Libra: “Mellow Yellow” Donovan

While balanced, Libras can get easily anxious, especially when facing difficult decisions. To bring about both calm and your innate appreciation of what is beautiful yet at the same time unconventional or overlooked. Because of this, I feel like this album was written for a Libra. There are more classical and just classic Donovan moments, lighter, airy elements, and a bit of quirkiness in lyricism that a Libra can get behind. Oh, and not to mention, the bit of mellow we need. Enjoy!

♏ Scorpio: The End of Everything” Noah Cyrus

We love a determined, strong, and loyal Scorpio. Though with these values, Scorpios are in for the inevitable heartbreak when they realize that not everyone can uphold these treasured standards. Listening to “The End of Everything,” a Scorpio might go through the feels, but trust me, it’ll hurt so good. If anything, Noah Cyrus’ absolutely stunning voice is comforting in itself. Honestly, the album is really sweet.

♐ Sagittarius: “The Babe Rainbow” Babe Rainbow

A Sagittarius knows how to have a good time. So does Babe Rainbow. The cool compassion and open mindedness of a Sagittarius will appreciate Babe Rainbow’s grooviness and commitment to incorporating elements of fun into the music. For me, when a Sagittarius lets loose, it can sound like this album.

♑ Capricorn: All The Light Above It Too” Jack Johnson

As a Capricorn, you are ambitious yet practical, sensitive yet disciplined. These qualities are found in Jack Johnson’s music as well, and I think a Capricorn would find great comfort in the lyrics that understand these multitudes and complexities you possess. Not to mention, the music is mellow, which can bring a calm that comforts us all, but really has a strong effect on a Capricorn.

♒ Aquarius: Loaded” The Velvet Underground

Aquariuses are optimistic, self-reliant, and clever. Because of this, they often take on a badass or confident persona. This album would be a great soundtrack to an Aquarius’ life, with it’s sureness even throughout its quirks. The Velvet Underground’s unique sound envelopes an Aquarius’ energy for me, and this album is a great representation of that.

♓ Pisces: Bye Bye 17” Har Mar Superstar

Pisces tend to be emotionally aware and thoughtful. The lyrics in this album for sure represent that emotional intelligence and awareness of emotional situations. Despite this, the album is in no way a downer, like a Pisces. It’s groovy, funky, fun, and powerful – just like you. This album shines in the same light a Pisces does.

How accurate were these album recommendations for zodiac signs? Which album did you get? Let us know in the comments!

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