Month: December 2021

Dating, Relationships

Ring in The New Year and Reevaluate Relationships

There are only a few days left until the new year! 2022 is almost here, and so much has happened in what felt like such a little time. If you have goals this upcoming year to refresh your life, you might be looking at the relationships around you. Today, we’re going to talk about reevaluating your relationships, whether they are romantic, platonic or professional, as we go into the new year. Chances are if you are even considering an end of friendship or relationship, that might be a glaring sign.

Accessories, Fashion

Tights That Won’t Rip, Snag, or Tug Under Pressure

I am a tights girl. You know, you have those cute fall, spring or summer styles that you just HAVE to wear in the Winter. I do, at least. Those dresses and outfits with skirts or shorts that definitely won’t cut it in the cooler months without some tights. They can be great and lifesavers and can tie together outfits like no other. But, tights can also be THE WORST. They tend to rip, snag, tear, and tug. We’ve all been in that situation, you have the cutest outfit on and then out of nowhere your tights snagged and you’re left with a big run or tear in them. I just thought this was the nature of tights. That was until I learned that there are tights out there designed to avoid this very problem. So, without further ado, here are some tights that will hopefully last a lot longer and won’t rip, snag, tug, or break under pressure.

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Lost On What To Get Your Significant Other’s Parents for Christmas? We’ve Got You.

he holiday season brings along a lot of warmth, amazing memories, and delicious treats, but sometimes it also brings along big questions. If you’re in a brand new or even a 30-year relationship, it can be hard to figure out what to get your parents-in-law, or the parents of your significant other. When you don’t know someone very well, picking out a gift for them can be really hard. So, I’ve made a list of simple gifts for parents in law that will make you look great, and that they will actually love.

Music, Pop Culture

Devon Baldwin Talks “Forgot To Miss You,” Writing Her Own Music + More

I grew up in the bay area in California and began singing very young. I went to college in New Orleans. My lung collapsed several times after my songwriting debut “Let’s Get Lost”. Unable to sing, I returned to my childhood home and began writing more and more music. I have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing talents including G-Eazy, Blackbear, Skizzy Mars, Christoph Andersson and Jono Dorr among others…

Health & Wellness, Mental Health

Let It Snow, And Let It Go. Four Ways To Keep Seasonal Stress Away.

The holidays are here, and I know you’re probably going to be running around all week looking for the perfect last-minute presents and getting everything done, but I’m here to remind you of something really big. The holidays are not only about gift-giving, cooking for family, and hosting giant shindigs. Although these aspects of the holiday are fun – they can often cause you a ton of stress and strife. Deep down, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, being thankful, and spreading love (as cheesy as it may sound). If this season is overwhelming you, here are some ways to manage the holiday stress.

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2021 Holiday Nail Trends To Try This Christmas

Ladies, it’s about that time of year to be picking out our Christmas manicures. In an attempt to hopefully be saving you hours of scrolling on Pinterest to find your perfect holiday set, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 2021 Christmas nail trends (and what I think will be big this Christmas). There’s something for every style in this list, so hopefully you find just what you’re looking for!

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Give The Gift of Wellness This Christmas With These 7 Fit Gifts

The holiday season can be seriously stressful, so giving out a gift to help someone relax might be exactly what they need. I love getting wellness-related gifts, like shower fizzers, face rollers and face masks. But, sometimes people can get an abundance of the same types of gifts (like thirteen different shower gels), so I thought we’d mix it up with this list. Here are some wellness Christmas gifts that are unique and will really help your person out.

Gift giving, Relationships

12 Days Until Christmas! Countdown With An Awesome Adult Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season for advent calendars! But who says the kids get to have all the fun? Adult advent calendars are becoming more and more popular. Whether they’re samplers from our favorite brands, or foods we oh-so love, adult advent calendars can be so fun! Get ready to look forward to every day and opening up an adult advent calendar – or to gift them to someone you think would love it.

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