Month: January 2022

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Here’s How To Celebrate Your 22nd Birthday (Taylor’s Version)

Happy 22nd birthday Zillennial! Are you feelin’ 22 yet? I turned 22 last year and I went all out to party like my Queen Taylor Swift would want me to. See above, I even recreated the entire outfit from the music video. While I know not everyone is as dedicated as I am, there are actually some really simple ways to party as she intended us to…

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Dirty Hair Day? These Cute Hairstyle Will Make You Look Amazing Anyway

It’s 2022. By now, we have a bit of a decent understanding of haircare, enough to know that a lot of us shouldn’t be washing our hair every single day. Why? Among lots of reasons, giving your hair a few days to breathe in between washes allows your healthy oils to replenish, your hair to remain stronger, assist in hair growth and can prevent breakage…

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“Friendship Dating” Apps Are The Go-To Way To Make Friends in 2022… But Do They Work?

In the digital age, it can seem impossible to meet people. While I wasn’t there, it truly seems like the world has completely changed since the ‘90s. When you head out to the bar, in hopes to meet some friends, everyone is already spoken for, in groups and cliques and it’s impossible to join in. And where else is there to go?

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12 Really Good Gifts For Plant Lovers From Planters To Misters

No matter the time of year, we all have that person in our lives who lives in a jungle. Ah yes, we love our plant lovers. The people we can count on to take care of us because, well their hobby is taking care of needy things. It’s important that we treat the plant lovers in our lives right and make sure we’re gifting them what they really want…

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