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Practice Self Love This Single Valentine’s Day With 7 Solo Activities

single Valentine's Day

Who said being single on Valentine’s day has to be depressing? It definitely doesn’t! Even if you’re feeds are filled with happy couples and the streets are filled with people in love, being on your own for Valentine’s day can actually make for a crazy fun Valentine’s day. If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, fret not. Here are some great ideas of things to do this Valentine’s Day on your own, that’ll make you happy to have just your own company. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading to have the best single Valentine’s Day of your life.

Date with Mother Nature

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If you’re feeling sad, lonely, disconnected, or just generally enjoy being with nature, I guarantee your mood will improve with this solo Valentine’s day activity. Whether it’s near or far, getting out into some nature can improve your mood, make you feel more connected with the world around you, and even help you feel less lonely. Nature is pretty powerful that way. Whatever way you most love spending time in nature, do it! Take a hike, go for a picnic, go for a skate down an urban trail, plan a camping trip, swim in a hot springs, go climbing, or even just drive through the woods for an hour or two. Not only is being outdoors a great form of self care, it’s also a really fun way to spend your time and make you feel like you’re not missing out on anything better this Valentine’s day.

Spa Night

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On the topic of self-care, giving yourself an a spa night seems like one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s day all alone and at peace this year. If you’re wanting to go all in with treating yourself, consider booking yourself some time at a spa nearby. Enjoy feeling pampered and taken care of by someone else. Though this isn’t necessarily in all of our budgets, or all that practical for all of us. A DIY at-home spa night can be just as good (and even better, when you consider the fact that you’re in charge). Pop some bubbly, get into something comfy and cute, and spend an evening pampering yourself while enjoying your favorite shows, movies, and music. You deserve it! Face masks, self-massage, foot soaking, baths, nail art, hair treatments, etc. are all fair game! You’ll be feeling so pampered that you’ll wish you can do this every Valentine’s day.

Solo Trip

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In the mood for a little adventure? Me too. Sometimes feeling lonely, especially around Valentine’s Day can lead us to be in a bit of an impulsive mood. Instead of channeling that impulsivity toward decisions you might later regret, consider taking yourself on a little (or hey, why not big) adventure instead. Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Is there somewhere nearby you really want to check out but your friends might not? Do you just feel like getting out of town, even if it is just for the day? A solo trip is honestly such a genius Valentine’s day activity for someone who is single. Enjoy your own company, fall in love with a new place, fall in love with yourself and your self of adventure… I’m tempted to go on my own mini-adventure this Valentine’s Day. Will you go for your own?

Take a Class

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From solo trips to taking a class, trying something new is always a fun idea for a single person to do on Valentine’s Day. Do a little bit of research to find out what kind of classes might be available in your area, whether it’s in the fitness, creative, or professional/academic fields, there are likely tons of options for you to explore and sign up for. Some available near me that I think are great options for singles on Valentine’s day include yoga, cycling, dancing, aerial silks, painting, creative writing, pottery, leadership, etc. These are all awesome, self-empowering and beauty-finding activities that you can often very easily sign up to try out. Who knows, you might even make some friends or meet next year’s Valentine in your class. If you don’t, you just spent some time learning something cool and enjoying your own company, great job!

Get Yourself A Gift

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There are tons and tons of activities for singles to do on Valentine’s day, but sometimes these fun activities don’t cut it when we really just wanted a little something special from someone special. Well, who says you can’t get a gift if you’re single on Valentine’s day? This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the PERFECT Valentine’s day present. No more worrying about if your partner will get the right shoe size, color purse, month’s gemstone, kind of flowers, etc. You have the power to make your Valentine’s day your best one yet! Show yourself some love and get you what you would want for Valentine’s day. Hey, even go the extra mile to wrap it up and set up your gift all cute for yourself to wake up to on Valentine’s day. It’s all about making yourself feel special! There’s no shame in that.

Dine and Wine

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A staple to Valentine’s day is a romantic dinner. Why, yet again, would a single person have to be deprived of this? Now, I understand that it may be a little depressing to eat out alone on Valentine’s day, so maybe get creative with the special meal you’ll be setting up for yourself. Perhaps you can put on some classy records, pour some red, and sway your hips while cooking up your favorite specialty meal. Or maybe you can pick up a meal from your special-occasion restaurant and take it in your car to a lookout point to set up a cute dinner with a view. Or you could even pick up and make some of your favorite foods and pack them in a basket with a cute blanket to go on a picnic with yourself. All of these meals are a little more special than your typical meal with yourself, so they’ll truly feel like a Valentine’s day dinner.

Dance Party

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I am a firm subscriber to the advice: when in doubt dance it out. It’s honestly the most genius thing because, well, how can you be upsetti spaghetti while busting a move? I don’t care if you’re in your bedroom, in the woods, or in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. Let it all go, show that unconditional love for life and just dance. Music or no music, feel the love and joy move through you. Trust me, dancing alone can be a zillion times more fun than dancing with someone else. So singles, this one’s for you and you only! Dance it out and have a great Valentine’s day!

Do you have any single Valentine’s Day plans? Let us know in the comment section below!

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