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Love Your Layered Hair With These 7 Thick Hair Hairstyles

thick hair hairstyles

Don’t we all love the look of layered hair? It’s so cute! But you know what I don’t love? Doing literally any other style on my layered hair than having it down. Agree? I think it’s high time that we stop sacrificing the cuteness of styling our hair in different ways when we opt for a layered cut. Layers may seem like they make styling impossible, but remember, nothing’s impossible and these styling hacks are sure to prove it! Here are some awesome thick hair hairstyles styles for layered hair.

Messy Half-Up Do

When you have layered hair, sometimes you have to embrace the messy. When you’re trying new and different styles with layers, it can sometimes be disappointing when bits and pieces are sticking out every which way. Though when you’re aiming for a messy look, those odds and ends can be what make up the entire look. Though, those of us with shorter layers understand that an all-the-way-up-do doesn’t always cut it and those bits and pieces can be pretty crazy looking. So, the solution? A messy half-up do! Just look at how cute this one is! There are lots of ways to style it, simple, with braids, etc. but it’s always a great go-to!

Braid-In Extensions

Ok, so you want a gorgeous, thick, princessy mermaid braid? Well, sometimes we just won’t get that with our natural hair, especially when it’s cut with layers. So, fake it until you make it, right? Braid-in extensions are a cheaper alternative to get the thickness and length of extensions without the clips, glue, and other intricate ways to keep them in. For this day-to-day style, gather some pieces of braid-in hair and get to work. There are tons of different braid styles to try out and with the length and thickness of the added hair, your possibilities are pretty much endless.

Front Braids

Face framing layers are so cute when your hair is down, but what about when you try to keep that hair out of your face? It doesn’t really work out well when you try to pull it all back or even braid it all back, depending on the length of your layers. So instead of gathering all your hair, maybe just gather those infringing front bits into mini braids, small enough even for layers. This ultra-trendy style is perfect for the lovelies with layered hair out there!

Twisted Buns

One way to manage layers is to twist the pieces of different lengths all together and gather in a style. While braids, pig tails, and other do’s are cute, low buns are super trendy and effective at sweeping all your hair out of the way. Whether you keep it slicked or you pull out pieces to frame your face and give it that boho messy look, this style is such a cute one!

Half-Up Bubble Braids

Speaking of trendy, bubble braids are BIG at the moment. We’re bringing the layered girl half-up hack back with this one. These half-up bubble braids are the definition of cute and Y2K. Dress it up or dress it down, it’s a great look.

Braided Low-Pony

Keeping things low can help out when your layers start seeming pesky. If your layers can manage getting braided back, this is a great option to actually get your layered hair all back into the classic and super-manageable style that is the ponytail. Not to mention, the braids spice things up a little bit and can make the look seem more elegant than your average ponytail. Regardless, it’s a great everyday look.

Fluffed Up Messy Bun

What did I stay at the beginning? Embrace the messiness your layers will bring to your styles! This fluffed up messy bun is a great way to manage layers as well as add a little extra volume and style to the ‘do. If you want your hair out of your face all day long, this is a great option for you and your layered locks!

Which of these thick hair hairstyles will you try next? Let us know in the comments!

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