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What Helps Grow Hair? 5 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

what helps grow hair

We have all heard that good health starts from the inside out. So, it’s no surprise when we start feeling not great when we’re perpetuating habits that aren’t doing us any good. Your outside appearance is often an indicator of how things are operating on the inside. So, when we look at our hair, there’s more to be told than what meets the eye. In fact, if you’re trying to maintain gorgeous, healthy, long, silky hair… It takes some work from the inside out, especially when bouncing back from bad habit after bad habit, like using heat on your hair regularly, or using box dyes often, etc. What helps grow hair the best? Healing and growing out your hair can be a simpler task than we often make it up to be. Here are some simple health tips that will help grow your hair LONG and healthy!

Drink TONS of water

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I feel like every time I include something that says anything about drinking water, I have to throw in the disclaimer that yes, I do know that I am not your mother. However, most of us really aren’t getting enough water and it’s effecting us in more ways than one. A very notable way that lack of adequate water will show up on your body is with your hair. You may notice your hair growing more slowly, and its texture drying out should you have a deficiency in water. So, chug on up, especially if you want long, beautiful hair!

Stimulate your scalp

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There are lots of ways to stimulate your scalp! Massages, massage tools, shampoo scrubbers, scalp scrubs, etc. are all awesome picks! These products and techniques can be used to stimulate your scalp and get blood flowing up there. This increased circulation, especially when practiced regularly, can stimulate your hair follicles enough to help them grow your hair more quickly. Pretty neat, huh?

Don’t over-wash

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How often do you wash your hair? Don’t worry, there is no right answer. Everyone’s hair type is different, and it’s a good idea to see what frequency of washing works best for your hair. However, showering and washing your hair every single day is rarely the best option for someone. Oftentimes, our hair needs time in between washes to replenish its natural oils and keep the strands strong and growing. If you don’t give your hair enough time between washes, and you end up over-washing your hair, there are lots of consequences that may unfold, such as stripping your individual strands of hair or causing build-up on your scalp, that can make it difficult for hair to grow through. Regardless, stay away from over-washing your hair.

Make sure you’re getting your healthy fats

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Healthy fats are so critical to hair health when included in a balanced diet. The oils in healthy fats help restore shine and moisture to your hair, so make sure you’re getting your daily dose of healthy fats, or even more if you’re attempting to grow out your hair nice and long! It’s also really cool that a lot of the healthy fats we include in our diet like avocados and eggs can make for great hair masks when applied directly to one’s head as well. So, feel free to work both from the inside out and the outside in with this one!

Protect your hair whenever you can

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Did you know you need to take that extra care and extra step to protect your hair at all costs? Well, if you want some seriously gorgeous locks, you better listen up. Regardless of your hair type or texture, there are ways to take care of it that will lead to the best, most gorgeous results for you. So, whether it’s covering your hair with a bonnet before going to bed, braiding your hair before taking a dip in the ocean, tying your hair up before a dip in the pool, or even something as simple as actually remembering to use your heat protectant when straightening or curling your hair can seriously do wonders for your ‘do. Not to mention, your hair will be absolutely LOVING all this TLC you’re giving it.

Will you try out these 5 health tips to help grow your hair LONG? What helps grow hair out the best? Let us know how they work in the comments!

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