Month: April 2022

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“The Northman” Is Robert Eggers’ Strongest Work To Date: A Review

In 2016, Robert Eggers burst onto the scene with The Witch, an eerie and sinister slice of colonial period piece horror that thrilled critics and audiences alike. Since then he has had to compete with the dreaded possibility of being the Next Big Thing, an honor and a burden for any filmmaker working in an industry on the constant hunt for a new generation of cinematic auteurs…

Music, Pop Culture

Darcey Hope Tells All About “Autumn Sky” & More In An Exclusive Zillennial Zine Q&A

I’ve always sang as I was brought up in a super musical family, so I grew up listening to anything and everything. From Avril Lavigne to Jack Johnson to Coldplay to The Chicks, it all shaped my love for it from a really young age! Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift were massive role models for me who eventually inspired me to become a singer-songwriter, so at 13 I picked up my guitar and just started writing…

Friendship, Relationships, Self care

A Friendship Breakup (Or Any Breakup) Can Actually Benefit You In These 5 Ways

As you grow older, you start to realize that every relationship in your life can’t be permanent. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on the friendships, relationships and connections I’ve made throughout my life. It takes a while to realize it, but eventually, you have to face the fact that every relationship you have can’t be forever…

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Bored Of Minimalism? Maximalist Fashion Is Fun, Colorful & Inspiring

Do you opt for one of ten outfits that rotate with your mood and schedule? Do you wish you could be a little more expressive with your style? Do you not feel like your clothes are really a reflection of you? Well, perhaps maximalist fashion is what you should check out next. We’ve all heard of minimalism. The beige, black and white. The capsule wardrobe. The sparking joy… But have you ever heard of the opposite end of the spectrum: maximalism?

Music, Pop Culture

Marielle Kraft Has A New Project Coming Soon – Here’s Everything We Know So Far

I grew up in Rhode Island, went to University of Delaware, became a full-time 6th grade English teacher, and then left teaching to pursue music full time in 2018. What started as a hobby in my dorm room became something I fell in love with, and I’ve been building a grassroots listenership ever since through touring and posting online…

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Meet Cheek Cases: Phone Cases For Any Aesthetic, Mood, Occasion Or Outfit

Cheek Cases was founded in January 2020, my senior year of high school. However, this wasn’t my first rodeo with starting my own business. When I was a sophomore, my family and I were going through a rough financial patch and I felt like I needed to do something to help. I put myself to work applying for jobs and making my own custom shirts for a concert I was going to…

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