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Upgrade Your Roller Skate Style With These Cute Skate Accessories & Outfit Ideas

roller skate style

In case you haven’t heard, I love roller skating! It’s fun, freeing, and a great way to stay active! Not to mention, roller skates are pretty much the coolest shoes ever! When you have a cool pair of shoes, it’s all about styling them! Over the years, I’ve learned lots of ways to style roller skates themselves as well as outfits that go with roller skates (which are also very practical to skate in)! So, if you’re headed to the rink, skate park, or you’re just wanting to skate around town, you should try out these awesome ways to style your skates.

The Skates Themselves

When you buy a pair of roller skates, they tend to come with all the basics: the boot of the skate, the laces, toe stops, and wheels. But, did you know that there are tons of modifications you can make to the skates themselves so they can better suit your style? Well, now you do! Here’s how you can personalize your skates to fit your style:


roller skate styling

Bont Skates Waxed Laces

Just like any other shoes with laces, you can string in a cooler, more styling set of shoelaces onto your skates. There are SO many options available for skaters trying to mix up their laces. If you’re buying new laces for your skates, make sure you’re paying attention to the length of the laces though! Like other boots, roller skates require super long laces to string all the way up your ankle. But from there, your options are almost endless! Some of the coolest laces I’ve seen are patterned, glittery, glow-in-the-dark, colorful, or even the use of other materials as shoelaces! For example, ribbon, elastic, and other materials might be just what you need on your skates. Trying out different kinds of laces can make a BIG difference in terms of the overall appearance of your skates.

Toe Caps

roller skate styling

Toe Cap Guard Protectors

Most new skaters don’t know about these, but once you try them, believe me you won’t go back! Toe caps are designed to sit snugly over the toe of your skate to protect the actual boot from getting torn up or dragged on the concrete. If you are skating a whole lot, you’ll start to realize this part of your skate wears down SUPER quickly. This practical piece of suede, leather, or vegan alternatives to these materials, is not only a life saver, but also can bring even more style to your skates! Lote of toe caps come in plain colors that you can either match with your skates or bring in even more color with. Though, you’d be surprised to see all the variety in toe caps available to skaters. Fun shapes, colors, styles, etc. are all available and too cute!


roller skate style

Roller Skate Wheels

Believe it or not, roller skates have wheels! Just kidding, but seriously, options for wheels are nearly endless! Aside from style, paying attention to the type of wheel you’re buying is important. Indoor wheels tend to be grippier but much harder than the gummier outdoor wheels, which are designed to absorb more shock and impact over the rougher ground. On top of that, different wheels are also designed to aid your performance in different skating activities. Roller derby wheels, skatepark wheels, racing wheels, etc. Will all be different from each other in terms of functionality. Once you’ve determined what kind of wheel you need, color and style options start getting fun! Some of the coolest roller skate wheels, though, can be sparkly, light-up, glow-in-the-dark, and even multicolored.

Toe Stops

roller skate workout

Flower Toe Stops

Something else your skates will surely come with is toe stops! But, most factory-made skates will come with basic black toe stops that actually aren’t THAT awesome to begin with. So, chances are you’re going to want to switch it up for something better… and cuter! Softer, bigger toe stops make absorbing impact and including toe-stop centered tricks way more easily. Also, we’ve just witnessed the shaped-toe stop evolution, which is incredible because you can find toe stops in so many colors, shapes and styles, perfect for finding something that’ll match the vibe of your skates.

Skate Accessories


Oh yeah, the customization doesn’t stop there. Skate accessories come in all different styles, colors, etc. And in an overall HUGE variety! Like fringe? There are cool skate sleeves that’ll add some fringe to your boot! Want to completely change the color/ pattern of your skates? Boot sleeves are a great way to change your skate style in seconds! Lace charms, pom poms, pins, and sooo many more options are available to skaters looking to amp up their style on wheels.

Roller Skate Outfit Ideas

OK, now that your skates themselves are looking great and extra practical, it’s about time to see what kind of outfits are most functional while roller skating! These two outfit ideas are always my go-to for roller skating, and there are tons of cute ways to style these looks!

High Socks and Short Shorts

Not only is this such a classic way to style your roller skates, it’s actually one of the most practical outfits for roller skating. The long, thick skater socks are not only super cute, but they’re also a great way to protect your skin on your legs from getting torn up when you fall down. While they’re not as effective as knee pads, over-the-knee socks can save you a lot of scraping up from the knees down while skating! Having lots of mobility is important while skating, especially if you’re showing up with the tricks! Short shorts let you move around in your hips, which is where a lot of your movement is focused while roller skating. Aside from its practicality, I just love how this combo of high socks and short shorts looks! It’s summery, has 70’s vibes, and can be styled in SO many ways, depending on what you like best.

Overall Shorts

Long overalls are great for skating, especially since they can help protect your legs. But I definitely prefer wearing overall shorts while skating. I feel like they’re way easier to move around in, and having all the pockets available with skates is a godsend. If you’re skating around town, having your things available in your pockets can be super helpful! Especially with those front pockets, because you really don’t tend to fall on that area of your body, so keeping your phone or other breakable items in there can save you a cracked screen after a fall. Oh yeah, did I mention that overall shorts are just plain adorable?? Well, they are! And like the last option, you have TONS of options when it comes to styling.

How are you going to upgrade your roller skate style? Let us know in the comments!

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