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How Can Your Pets Be As Stylish As Can Be? 6 Tips To Help


Have a pet stuck to your hip? We love our little animal sidekicks slash best friends. But if they’re going to be hanging around all the time, they’re really going to need to up their fashion game! If your pet doesn’t mind it, they might enjoy being just as stylish as you are. So, if having a super stylish pet sounds great to you, keep on reading for some pet clothes and accessories that are so incredibly adorable.

Nail Polish

Please DO NOT paint your dog’s toenails with regular nail polish! While it’d look super cute, it’d end up being pretty toxic to your pup, especially if they bite, chew, or lick their paws at all. Though, my first dog LOVED having her nails painted. She always looked so content with her long legs stretched in front of her, crossed like a proper lady. So, we decided to find some non-toxic dog-safe nail polish to see if she liked admiring her outstretched paws when her nails were painted. Sure enough, she not only constantly was laying gazing happily at her colorful nails, she also took every opportunity to show her nails off! Here are some great dog-safe nail polish options! 

Here’s an easy to apply and fast-dry pen applicator option:

Pen Applicator

Does your dog have sharp nails, or do they always jump up and accidentally scratch people? No more! I think this option for both stylish and safe nails is so cute and genius! Check it out:

Nail Caps

Get a whole set to keep the glam going:

Nail Polish Set


I used to be in the very fortunate position of being able to bring my dog to work when I had night shifts. I loved the smile she’d bring to people’s faces and she loved thinking she was helping me with work. So, I thought she deserved a uniform! Good little employees ought to be dressed the part, right? If you bring your pet along with you, consider getting them their own little uniform so that they can be styling when getting things done with you. Here are some super adorable options for your favorite furry coworker:


If getting your dog all dressed up isn’t your thing, there are still tons of ways for your pet to express style without putting clothes on them. If your animal is long-haired, consider braiding their hair for an amp up of style and a great way to get your dog’s hair out of the way and keep them cool when it’s hot out. Instead of using normal hair ties, try one of these options that were made specifically for doing your pet’s hair.

Hair Chalk

While there are a lot of hair dye options that are available and safe for dogs, natural and non-permanent is what I prefer to use with my pets. That’s why hair chalk is a great alternative to more permanent or chemically harsh options. Chalk is that perfect natural and easy-to-remove option. It rinses out, is non-toxic and can make a splash with great pigmentation of color.

Rain Jackets

A great way to keep your pet looking stylish is to style them for the weather you live in. A rain jacket or a snow jacket can be so cute and a great expression of style. Not to mention, a jacket for your pup is awesome for keeping them comfortable in the elements.


And, I had to finish off with this absolute classic option. Bandanas are my go-to way to dress up my pup and she loves it! Bandanas are easy to make, affordable, and comfortable for your dogs. It’s easy to have lots of bandana options for your dog to sport around town, and they’ll be all the much more stylish for it! Here are some of the most awesome options:

How do you think your pet would love to be styled? What pet clothes and accessory options are you obsessed with? Let us know in the comments!

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