Month: July 2022

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Hey BookTok, Add A. Kingsley To Your TBR! Her Unbelievable Story Here

I started creating characters when I was in middle school. My cousin and I would brainstorm ideas and write them out on paper in class, then we would act as our characters after school. I would write small stories, but it was the beginning of high school when I really started to get into writing. I remember sitting in my freshman math class and writing a story about a girl who was planning on running away with her guy best friend on a large ship to live out her dreams of traveling the world…

Beauty, Beauty Trends

3 New Trends In Beauty From Social Media That You Have To Try Out

Sometimes, you might get sick of your typical makeup routine and want to branch out and try something new. The makeup world is constantly revolving, and just like any part of the beauty or fashion industry, new trends are popping up everywhere. There have been so many new makeup trends lately that people are sharing all over the internet, whether it’s on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok…

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How To Avoid Student Loan Debt At A University – From Experience

In college, money is not abundant. In fact, the entire time I was in college, me and everyone around me were penny-pinching and constantly trying to make ends meet. Congratulations, I have amazing news. It is possible to make it through college without going broke AND it’s actually possible to make it through college without a surmountable amount of debt…

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Is The “Money Will Come Back” Trend On TikTok Positive Thinking Or A Bit Tone Deaf?

I love seeing travel advice and inspiration on my Instagram and TikTok pages. It feels good to see the different ways to explore the world. However, a new TikTok trend has left me feeling a bit uncertain about seeing so many travel videos. I’m talking about the summer TikTok videos where people are showing off their vacations or other purchases with the caption “the money will come back”…

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