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6 Ways To Style The Pleasing Beach Bag & Embrace The “Hot Holiday” Vibes

pleasing beach bag

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This summer, Harry Styles and his beauty brand Pleasing is all about those tan lines, vacation vibes and “that summer feeling.” In Pleasing’s recent micro-collection titled “Hot Holiday,” Styles takes inspiration from Italian coastlines and beachwear to create nail polish sets, body spritz and oils, apparel and the product that everyone adores, the Pleasing Beach Bag.

If you know anything about Harry Styles and his fanbase, you’ll know that these fans will dedicate their time, energy and money to any album, film or product he releases. With millions and millions of fans everywhere who will do anything to support Styles, the demand for such products is extremely high. So, it’s no shock to anyone when I say that upon the July 26 release of the “Hot Holiday” collection, the Pleasing Beach Bag sold out in less than three minutes.

Not to brag, but I am one of the lucky ones who got their hands on the Pleasing Beach Bag and I am OBSESSED with it. It’s cute, versatile, beachy and super fun to wear out. And if the aesthetic of the bag doesn’t convince you to buy, the number of things that this bag can hold definitely will. Especially for the people who love to bring their whole bedroom with them everywhere they go, this bag will not disappoint.


also i promise i packed clothes tbeyre in my backpack but yeah go get this @Pleasing #pleasing #totebag #harrystyles

♬ original sound – BRI SIMPS

For a tote collector like myself, having this a part of my collection is everything to me and has given me lots of chances to style it. Here are six different ways to make the Pleasing Beach Bag a wardrobe essential.

Beach Days On My Mind

Maybe this is the most obvious style to pair with the Pleasing Beach Bag but since the beach and its waves helped inspire this whole collection, it’s only appropriate to create a beachy look. Brands like Aerie, Kitty and Vibe, Girlfriend Collective and Amazon have an incredible selection of swimwear that is size-inclusive, fashionable and helps make any body a beach body. And after a long day in the sun, hydrating with the “Everybody Oil Matte Moisture Glow” from the “Hot Holiday” collection will help rejuvenate your skin and give you the golden hour glow you deserve.

For those who want to dress and give off a coastal girl aesthetic, a pair of white linen pants and a flowy top will make the perfect companions for your Beach Bag. And for those who rather sit on the beach, sip lemonade and read a book, a cute coverup is a must. As you are searching the web for coverups, be sure to check out our article on all kinds of swim coverups that will help you feel comfortable and stylish.

Picnic Date, Anyone?

A picnic in the park with your best friends? Say less — bring on the snacks, charcuterie boards and the Rosé, please! 

Along with your Pleasing Beach Bag, sundresses and sandals are the perfect way to help channel the summer vibes. Companies like Cider, Abercrombie & Fitch and Amazon have some of the cutest sundresses I’ve ever seen and have a great variety of mini, midi and maxi dresses that will make you feel your best and have your Instagram pictures looking fire. 

This “Toile de Jouy Bow Mini Dress” from Cider gives lots of romantic and girly vibes and would pair nicely with the beige and blue tones of the Pleasing Beach Bag, and this Abercrombie & Fitch’s Puff Sleeve Midi Dress will make a great colorful addition to your wardrobe. And if summer floral prints aren’t your style, this dress on Amazon has over 20 different neutral and bold colors to choose from, giving you the chance to take part in sundress season. 

Sandals are a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, and places like Amazon and Lulus have you covered. For those who are a bit on the short side in height (like me) and/or love a good wedge sandal, these shoes on Amazon that come in 14 different styles allow you to mix and match any outfit. Also, these $22 Addison Natural Slide Sandals on Lulus will help elevate your look and are simple, chic and incredibly easy to wear.

“I Was On My Way To Buy Some Flowers For You”: A Farmers Market Adventure

Time to queue up “Grapejuice” and “Sunflower, Vol. 6” by Harry Styles and head to your local farmers market for all the good food and flowers your heart could want.

Even though the weather may be hot and many people will crowd around, I love getting dressed up to go to the farmers’ market. It makes me feel like the main character in my own little rom-com movie, and I wish I could feel like that all the time.

For you to feel like the main character or at least give off that energy to others, a pair of short overalls and high-top converses will help do the trick. Not only is the outfit easy to wear and comfortable, but it allows you to be on the ‌go and fill up your Pleasing Beach Bag with all the pastries, jams, produce and flowers you can buy.

Brunch & Coffee At The Beachwood Cafe

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While Harry might sing about how the “coffee’s out” at the Beachwood Cafe in his song “Falling”, I can attest that the coffee is actually NOT out and your iced lattes, mochas and matcha lattes with oat milk will be served all day. To visit and dine at The Beachwood Cafe is a bucket-list activity for a Harry Styles fan, and if you are a lover of brunch and retro decor, I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Picking an outfit to go to brunch with your friends should never be a struggle, and choosing an outfit that is cute, casual and fun will certainly make dressing up a breeze. Taking inspiration from the pictures above, a dress is always a reliable option. This Lilac Mini Dress from Princess Polly is adorable and this mini dress that comes in over 12 colors on Amazon is the clear-cut definition of cute and casual.

And for my Cardigan-lovers (Hello Swifties!), this cardigan would make a great addition to simple jeans and a white t-shirt/tank top. Easy and simple put-together outfits can never go wrong, — so worry less about that outfit and get on with brunch!

Walking Around The Art Gallery

Calling all art museum-goers who want to look as good as the art on the walls! One of my absolute favorite things to do is roam around the Met Museum, not just because it’s free to NYC students, but because getting all dressed up to walk around the paintings of Monet definitely makes me feel like the artsy main character.

To pair well with the Pleasing Beach Bag, a satin midi skirt and a white tank with some comfortable shoes should do the trick. Companies like H&M, ASOS and Amazon have stylish and affordable midi skirts and basic tops that make them easy to pair well with the bag.

Whether it’d be for a day trip with your best friends or a date with your significant other, wearing a cute outfit to the museum will definitely help romanticize your life in the best way possible.

For my Harry-Lovers and Merch Buyers

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My Love On Tour t-shirt and my Live On Tour Rubik’s Cube shirt are some of my prized possessions and I will treasure them forever. Wearing Harry’s merch out on the streets, either on a Hot Girl Walk or just grabbing a quick coffee, I’m bound to meet Harry fans (and make friends) no matter where I go. 

Getting merch at one of Harry’s concerts might be pricey, sell out quickly or just not look cute at all. But some of my favorite fan merch businesses have you covered, with each of them having different aesthetics to fit with your style.

For those obsessed with the baby tees and the Y2K aesthetic, MustardYardPress and its owner Karolina, have over 300 designs and products JUST for Harry fans. Another merch shop, PressedPaperShop sells comfort and streetwear-based clothes with the most adorable hoodies, crewnecks and graphic tees that fans must have. 

Pair any of those shirts, hoodies and crewnecks with a pair of mom jeans, Doc Martens and your beach bag, and you’re all set to embrace your inner fangirl.

Any outfit can pair well with the Pleasing Beach Bag, and hopefully, these few ways inspire you for the next time you and your beach bag take on the day. With these styles and outfits, you’ll embrace the “Hot Holiday” vibes in no time and soak up the last remaining days of summer. 

And for those who missed the launch of the Pleasing Beach Bag, Pleasing just came out with an announcement that the Beach Bag will restock on August 16 with a new colorway, after many fans and buyers begged for it. So save up and grab it while you can!

How would you style the Pleasing beach bag? Have we convinced you enough to splurge on the bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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