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Guy Gift Guide: What Your Man Really Wants, Written By a Man

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If you’re struggling on deciding what to get for your special man, dude friend or family member, have no fear, it’s pretty simple. Rolling a big rock down a hill is enough to entertain us so finding a gift he’ll like shouldn’t be too hard. While this doesn’t apply to every guy out there, here are some mens Christmas gift ideas that he may actually want.  

I mostly stuck to a price range at or under $50, but if your budget is a little higher, there’s room for upgrades in most of these options.


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Nothing sparks a dude’s inner caveman like a good knife. A knife is a great tool that disappears in the pocket and can be used for a number of different applications as well as self defense. If he already has one that he likes, try to find out what brand it is, and maybe find him a different model. It never hurts to have a variety or another one to keep in the car or toolbox. If he doesn’t have one or hates his current one, here are a few models from different brands that I would recommend. These options are all knives I personally own that are of spectacular quality, blade steel and ergonomics at great prices with plenty of colors and materials to choose from: Civivi ElementumQSP Penguin, Spyderco TenaciousOntario Rat II D2


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A lot of guys have this weird inner dad instinct to fix stuff and nothing fuels that fire more than a multitool. A multitool is basically a miniature tool box that fits in someone’s pocket or keyring that can save the day in so many ways. This is one of those items that is completely personable to what your man does and needs in his everyday life. For me I’ve found that my multitool needs a pair of scissors, a secondary knife, a screwdriver and a bottle opener but that may be totally different for someone else. A keyring sized multitool is a great place to start because it provides the user with the essentials on a small package that fits on their keys. Two quality brands I recommend are Victorinox (the original Swiss Army Knife) and Leatherman

Key Organizer

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Keys SUCK. There’s really no perfect way to carry or organize them. There’s a good chance your man either sounds like a high school janitor with his keys on his hip or looks like one of the students with a sports team lanyard sticking out of his pocket. A key organizer can solve this problem by keeping his keys contained and organized. Keybar is a great brand that has a ton of different options and sizes. They also make tool inserts that can make a key organizer double as a multitool.


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While we’re on the topic of sucking, belts also SUCK. It seems like I was never able to find the perfect belt loops, it was either too loose or too tight. And as for the little guys out there, we’re stuck with what seems like a foot of extra belt on the end once we finally get it to our size. If this sounds like an issue your man is having, get him a fully adjustable belt. These belts don’t consist of any belt loops and are completely adjustable. If there’s extra length at the end, he can just cut it off and burn the end (they’re actually designed to do that). The other common theme of these belts are a cool locking mechanism for the buckle, Groove Life’s has really strong magnets that slap together while Fairwin’s has a locking mechanism that clicks together. These are just two brands I recommend, however there are a ton of other great options.

Video Game Credits

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Nothing feels worse than spending your own money on an in game purchase, so why not spend someone else’s money! If your dude plays video games, getting him some money for whatever system he plays (Microsoft Store, Playstation Store, Steam, Nintendo Eshop, etc.) can be great. It’ll give him the opportunity to buy that stupid skin for his big butted character or even a new game if he wants.


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Like I’ve said earlier, dudes are really simple and nothing is more simple than a T-shirt. My wardrobe consists of 90% T-Shirts and 10% hats but I still get so excited every time I get gifted either one of them. With that being said, don’t just go to Target and get the first funny shirt you see, do some research. Think of what his favorite brands, bands, video games, shows are and get his something a little more personalized than baby Yoda saying “I’m all ears!”

Insulated Mug

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While it may seem like I’m running out of ideas, my insulated mug is one of my favorite belongings. If your man likes drinking coffee, tea or any hot beverage, an insulated mug keeps it hot for so much longer than a normal mug. Most brands also have lids so he can take it to work and look like a baddie. HydroFlask and Yeti have great options in a variety of colors.


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Flashlights are cool, and I don’t think any dude would disagree with me. I think they’re so cool to the point that I carry one on myself every day. Having a pocket sized flashlight is a great thing to have, and can come in use in so many applications whether he wants to carry it on him or just keep it somewhere handy. Olight has heirloom quality flashlights that are USB rechargeable, waterproof, super bright, and compact.

Valet Tray

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Dudes do not have the liberty of a purse and have to find creative ways to put all their crap in their pockets. The biggest issue in this is where does all this crap go when it’s time to take the pants off for the day? A valet tray is basically a glorified tupperware container without the lid where a guy can dump all of his stuff at night. This has been a life saver for me because it keeps my keys, wallet, phone, etc. in the same place so I don’t end up forgetting one. Etsy has a lot of great options with some that are even customizable. 

Beef jerky

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If all else fails, beef jerky is always the answer. 

What mens Christmas gift ideas do you have this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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