Author: Ash Lohmann


Grimey Makeup Is The Messy Makeup Trend We’re Currently Obsessed With

The surge in the indie sleaze style throughout 2022 has brought about a rather surprising makeup trend associated with the style (and ones similar to it): grimey makeup. While this sounds a little gross, like you’ve been sleeping in lots of makeup for a few days, that kind of non-caring attitude is what inspires the look. So, purposely “messing up” your makeup in particular ways is what creates this signature look…


Love Island Is All About The Fashion – Here’s What I Would Wear In The Villa

With summer approaching, it’s nearly time to binge my guiltiest of pleasures: Love Island. This reality TV show known for locking singles up in a luxury villa isn’t necessarily the most sophisticated form of entertainment, but I love it, and it’s a great way to keep track of the biggest trends in swimsuits and club wear– the fashion is always up-to-date…


Bored Of Minimalism? Maximalist Fashion Is Fun, Colorful & Inspiring

Do you opt for one of ten outfits that rotate with your mood and schedule? Do you wish you could be a little more expressive with your style? Do you not feel like your clothes are really a reflection of you? Well, perhaps maximalist fashion is what you should check out next. We’ve all heard of minimalism. The beige, black and white. The capsule wardrobe. The sparking joy… But have you ever heard of the opposite end of the spectrum: maximalism?

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