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What To Wear To Meow Wolf – The Awesome Interactive Art Exhibition

If you’re planning a trip this year – I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re hoping to check out one of the three incredible Meow Wolf locations. I’ve been planning a trip myself – scouring the Instagram pages and scrolling through ticket dates. And if I do plan to go to one, there is one question I can’t find an answer to online… what will I wear?

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We’ve Listed The Best New Years Movies To Get You Ready For 2022

It’s almost time to celebrate the New Year. In just a few days, we’ll turn the page on 2021 and head into 2022. In conjunction with other holidays, people usually love to watch themed movies, but I’ve noticed that there aren’t enough movies that celebrate the new year. Based on what you’re looking for in the new year, I’ve paired together some of the best New Years movies out there that will align with what you’re looking for…

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Holiday Cookies (Taylor’s Version): Try Taylor’s Legendary Chai Cookies

If you know me at all – which you might (hi, mom!), or might not (hello from Arizona!), you’d know that I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift. And I mean… obsessed. I love that woman. And I always have! Ever since I was really little and heard Our Song for the first time – I was hooked. Since then, I’ve walked by her side through her yeehaw country days, to the dark days of 2016, to the transformation into a bubble gum pink butterfly, and deep into the woods of folklore and evermore. But beyond loving her music and loving her, there are times when I feel like we’re best friends, even though she has no idea I exist. One day, mark my words, I will be invited to Taylor Swift’s house and will be munching on these cookies in her living room, but until then, I’ll make them myself. Here is the famous Taylor Swift chai cookie recipe, which is super simple and SUPER delicious.

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Giving Your Girl Jewelry for Christmas? Here’s Some Pieces She’ll Actually Want

When you’re pondering what your girlfriend might want for Christmas, the simple answer always leads you to jewelry. And while that is a fine gift, I have seen some of the most horrendous pieces of jewelry gifted off to some of my friends by their boyfriends and I want to do what I can to make this stop. Jewelry can be a perfect gift, but only if it’s done right. If you’re planning on giving your girl jewelry for Christmas, here are some pieces I think she will actually love.

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