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Dry Dating: Is Dating Sober the Key to a More Authentic Connection?

You’re getting ready for a date with someone you’ve only been talking to for a couple of weeks. Obviously, you’re a little nervous and just want things to go well. As soon as you get to dinner, the first thing on your mind is getting a glass of wine or a cocktail to ease your anxiety…

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Period Panties Thinx Review – I Used Thinx For Six Months Straight

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. In the past few years, period panties have become all the rage. I was so excited to try them for a few reasons: 1. They are environmentally friendly & reusable – unlike the single-use pads and tampons otherwise offered to us in the menstruation world. 2. I personally have a pretty light flow. I’m one of the lucky ones and I typically exclusively use pads, which I was getting really sick of…

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