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Big Boys SNL: How The Skit Helps Challenge Male Body Standards

It’s cuffing season and all the girls need a reason to get a big boy according to musical guest SZA and host Keke Palmer on Saturday Night Live. Two weekends ago, Saturday Night Live came up with a comedic skit all about praising “big boys” or boys with a bit of meat on them this holiday season– and to be honest, I’m all here for it…

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Face Taping for Wrinkles – The Perfect Temporarily Face Lift? Or False Advertising?

In the last few years, our generation has realized how important taking care of our skin is; Not just so it looks flawless now, but even more so for our future, older self. We skin cycle at night and put on vitamin C serum and sunscreen in the morning. Our skincare routines are very important to us…

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