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Don’t Let Your Makeup Sweat Away This Summer – The Best Waterproof Makeup Products

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Summer is here and it is hot! All I want to do is be near or in the water! I still want to look cute though, so I’ve gathered up my favorite waterproof makeup products! These picks will hold up in the water whether you are beach-bound, hanging poolside or going to the lake. If not, these are sweat proof for the gym too…

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Tired Of Boring Makeup? These Funky Eyeliner Ideas Will Help You Mix It Up

I’ve been seeing funky eyeliner looks EVERYWHERE lately, and needless to say, it’s one of the biggest makeup trends going into the end of 2021. This look is fun fresh and has options for a world of different looks because, oh yeah, the possibilities are endless with this trend. So grab all your eyeliner products and get ready to try out these funky eyeliner ideas.

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Creating A Minimalistic Beauty Routine Is The Newest (And Easiest) Trend

If I can figure out any possible way to make my life simpler, I’m going to do that and I’ve learned along the way, that sometimes, simpler can really be better. Sure, doing more and putting more detail and energy into something will pay off, but many argue that keeping one’s skincare simple is one of the best things you can do for your skin and your time. Here’s what I’ve learned about skin minimalism and creating a minimalistic beauty routine…

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Introducing: Five Indie Beauty Companies We Think You’ll Love

Just like many other girls my age, I’m obsessed with makeup. I love walking around Ulta and Sephora and checking out new items and products. I also love trying out new shades, styles and trends. But, do you ever get sick of seeing the same few big beauty brands? I am. So, I went out on a hunt to find all of the best indie beauty brands that need our attention! Here are my favorites!

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These Are The Best Smelling Men’s Colognes For Every Season

Hey guys, it may be time to change your cologne. Why, you ask? You might already smell great, but now there’s a nip in the air and it’s time to transition to a deeper, richer scent. Most men don’t change their signature scents often but it can be nice to mix up your cologne based on the seasons of the year. So, today, we’ve chosen some luxury and affordable men’s cologne brands for each season!

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