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Grimey Makeup Is The Messy Makeup Trend We’re Currently Obsessed With

The surge in the indie sleaze style throughout 2022 has brought about a rather surprising makeup trend associated with the style (and ones similar to it): grimey makeup. While this sounds a little gross, like you’ve been sleeping in lots of makeup for a few days, that kind of non-caring attitude is what inspires the look. So, purposely “messing up” your makeup in particular ways is what creates this signature look…


You Have To Try These Y2K Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Hairstyles ASAP

I’ve been binging Sex And The City for the past few months and it has changed my life. Not only has it made me feel more confident in life but it’s been changing the way I look. When I go to pick out an outfit or style my hair in the morning, I channel my four best friends Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. One of my favorite things to do lately is to try out some fun hairstyles inspired by the show, especially by Carrie. Here are some of my favorite SATC inspired hairstyles.

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