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Tights That Won’t Rip, Snag, or Tug Under Pressure

I am a tights girl. You know, you have those cute fall, spring or summer styles that you just HAVE to wear in the Winter. I do, at least. Those dresses and outfits with skirts or shorts that definitely won’t cut it in the cooler months without some tights. They can be great and lifesavers and can tie together outfits like no other. But, tights can also be THE WORST. They tend to rip, snag, tear, and tug. We’ve all been in that situation, you have the cutest outfit on and then out of nowhere your tights snagged and you’re left with a big run or tear in them. I just thought this was the nature of tights. That was until I learned that there are tights out there designed to avoid this very problem. So, without further ado, here are some tights that will hopefully last a lot longer and won’t rip, snag, tug, or break under pressure.