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Get To Know The Artist: “It’s Depression ft. Middle Part”s Anna Shoemaker

I started out playing any open mic and any empty coffee shop or disgusting bar that would let me. I just always leaned into what felt good, which for me was writing and performing. For me, being able to collaborate and having a community within music has always been the goal— I was working at it by myself for so long and I feel grateful to have now built a support system…

Music, Pop Culture

Chloe Ament Wrote An Entire EP About Her Favorite Books, Read About Her Music Here

About two years and I started this TikTok account where I would post videos about my favorite books and movies, and, shockingly enough, people actually started following me. Honestly, it wasn’t until I started that account that I realized pursuing music could be a possibility for me because whenever I would live stream myself singing or post a video of an original song, I’d get such a supportive and encouraging response from viewers.