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Ulta Released A Gilmore Girls Collection And We’re So Excited

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I am a giant Gilmore Girls fan. I was raised watching reruns of it on TV and then once it hit Netflix, my mom and I binged the entire seven-season series and reboot in one summer. Then, I watched it again on my own, and then again with one of my best friends. Now that fall is coming, I’m seriously considering binging it again. It’s a classic! So, once I saw that there was a new Ulta Beauty x Gilmore Girls collection, I was so excited! Let’s take a look at these super cute products that Ulta is offering in their brand new Gilmore Girls collection!

Luke’s Diner Bath Set

Ulta Beauty x Gilmore Girls

This is so cute and comes with a Luke’s mug! It’s also very smart because the shower gel is caramel latte scented and the moisturizer is almond milk scented! Your next shower will turn you into Lorelai’s latte. I personally have this one and I use the mug almost every day! The mug is way better quality than I thought it would be and I drink tea, hot cocoa and make mug cakes in it all of the time. Out of everything I have in this collection, this mug is my favorite part.

Eye Shadow Palette Duo

Ulta Beauty x Gilmore Girls

This eye shadow palette duo has a small 4-shade palette for each of the Gilmore Girls. The color palette of each stands true to the characters and I love that each shade has a Stars Hollow-related name! I was so excited to get these mini palettes for me and my mom and I really love them. It is isn’t the best quality makeup on the market but the colors are really buttery and work really well. I love these and would definitely recommend these to a Gilmore Girls fan.

Chilton Nail Set

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.38.31 AM

I personally love the colors that come with this collection. Since it’s a collaboration, I’m guessing the quality of the nail polishes won’t be the best, but who knows! I definitely think the red shade should have been called “Bad Girls” or something close to that because Lorelai tells Rory that “Everyone knows that private school girls are bad, and bad girls always wear red nail polish.” Definitely a missed opportunity!

Gel Liner Set

Ulta Beauty x Gilmore Girls

This is the set I was personally the most excited for because it’s nice to have a variety of different gel eyeliner colors. Though, looking at the reviews, they seem to break easily, are dry, and are not recommended by most of the buyers who purchased them.

Head over to to check out the other products in the collection!

Have you tried these Gilmore Girls x Ulta Beauty products yet? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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