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The Best Thrift Stores To Be On The Lookout For In Your Area

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Thrift shopping can be an easy opportunity to find unique pieces of clothing, furniture, and more that you would never be able to find anywhere else. But, it’s also better for the environment than buying everything you own brand new. In 2020, it was my goal to only buy clothing from thrift stores, and I got really close! Obviously, I had to buy some occasional necessities new, but when it came to casual shopping, I headed straight for my local thrift stores. Here are my favorite types of thrift stores to be on the lookout for, wherever you may be.

Charity Based

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Where I live, there is a bunch of tiny charity-based thrift stores to shop at. These are great because (most of the time) all of the earnings from these go straight to charity! A lot of the time, the people working in these are volunteer workers who are taking time out of their day to help the cause! You can find some really cool pieces and put your money straight into helping a charity.

Here are some to look out for:

Resale/Consignment Shops

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While these aren’t technically thrift stores, resale and consignment shops make it easy to buy used clothing that is trendy and affordable. The prices will probably be a little higher than your average thrift shop since they know what they’re selling and who their audience is, but this option makes it very easy to have an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Here are some to look out for:

Online Thrift Stores

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While it might seem like going in person is the only way to thrift shop, you’d be entirely wrong. With the insurgence of online shopping that is always on the rise, online thrift shopping has been popping up everywhere. You can be on the lookout for a specific item, or you can buy bundles of thrifted items online. If you’re looking for the best online shops that are sustainable we have an article about that.

Here are some online thrift stores to keep your eye on:

Corporate Thrift Shops

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There’s nothing wrong with heading over to Goodwill and Savers to do your shopping! These corporations (usually) are doing good things for your city, like helping those who need employment! I’ve found some of my favorite pieces from Goodwill and Savers, so I totally get it if these are the closest or best stores you have near you!

Here are some to look out for:

What do you think are the best thrift shops near you? Let us know in the comments below!

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