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These Are The Seven Vegan TikTokers You Need To Follow Right Now

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When it comes to trying to follow a plant based diet, there can be difficulties and daunting aspects that may leave you feeling lost. I’ve been trying to transition to a more plant based diet, and I’ve come across some amazing vegan content creators along the way. Not only do they inspire people to pick up a diet that is more humane and better for the environment, they also offer up some pretty mouth-watering recipes that can make plant based eating far more exciting than many expect. So, here’s my list of vegan TikTokers (big and small) you should check out if you’re in search of new exciting plant based recipes and inspiration!

Darlene Octavia

I’ve followed this account for a while and Darlene Octavia (@darlene_octavia) does not disappoint. Alongside her practical but exciting recipes, she also shares tips for vegans trying to navigate their newfound plant based lifestyle. My favorite thing about this account though, is Darlene Octavia’s catch phrase: “We DO NOT do bland.” Who would want a bland, boring meal? She gets it. AND she shares ways to spice up your recipes to avoid the bland and boring vegan meals one might be familiar with.

Alyssa Fontaine

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You know these vegan recipes are great for you when a dietitian is sharing them! Aside from just being healthy, though, Alyssa Fontaine’s (@alyssafontainerd) recipes also look SO good. If you have a sweet tooth like me, she will surely have you covered with dessert recipes galore!

Joanne Molinaro

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Joanne Molinaro’s (@thekoreanvegan) deliciously cinematic recipe videos not only look delicious, but are also a space where the creator shares meditative stories, especially relating to her Korean heritage. Her recipes offer modern and creative twists to plant based favorites, so this vegan TikTok account is always offering up something interesting!


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TikToker Parita (@cookingwithparita) not only brings some bomb looking vegan recipes to the table, but also attempts to bring some traditionally vegan Indian recipes into the mainstream of plant based cooking. Based on how delicious all her recipes look, I foresee her account blowing up in the near future– and for good reason!

Turnip Vegan

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This is another vegan TikToker I’ve been following for ages. Turnip Vegan (@turnipvegan) brings the chill vibes showing his followers how easy and delicious it can be to swap your favorite non-vegan foods for plant-based alternatives. When I hear him say “Check the vibes” at the start of a video, I know I’m about to see something mouth-watering from Turnip Vegan for sure. I also love seeing his video responses to comments saying “If you can make a plant based ______, then I’ll go vegan.” You already know he’s going to blow your mind.

One Great Vegan

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One Great Vegan (@onegreatvegan) always makes recipes that look too good to be plant based WHILE serenading you with her amazing singing voice! What more could you want? I especially love her meat-alternative recipes because I always feel like she’s spot-on with flavor replacements and texture — it all just looks so so good!

Are you on vegan TikTokers? Let us know your favorite vegan TikTokers in the comment section below!

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