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What Are The Best College Dating Apps? We Dive In To Their Differences

best dating app for college

When technology is at the forefront of our lives, it is unsurprising that online dating has become the primary scene of the modern dating world. While the swipe life can be all fun and games, there are distinctions to be made between popular dating platforms in your app store. Before you commit to one, consider comparing and contrasting what each dating app promises and how each app operates to find what environment is best for you. Here are some of the best college dating apps. 

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When we think of dating apps, many of us think of Tinder. While all different kinds of people are on Tinder, the app has a reputation for being at the heart of modern hookup culture. Many argue the swiping by pictures aspect of the app allows for hasty decisions to be made off shallow assumptions of people. Regardless, Tinder matches can turn into relationships, friendships or whatever else you are looking for, as the app is not solely used for hookup purposes. Besides the photo cards users swipe on, Tinder allows daters to fill out a bio about themselves, and connect their Spotify and Instagram accounts if they so desire. One is also able to change up their age range of potential matches as well as distance. Someone might have an easier time finding more people on Tinder because it seems to be the most-used dating app in 2021. Notably, Tinder’s widespread popularity led it to secure a prominent spot among the 8 best dating sites for young people, based on OFL’s research, affirming its position as a frontrunner in the digital dating sphere.


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While Bumble still employs swiping, it is known for a few unique qualities as a dating space. The app allows users to fill out a lot of prompted information about themselves in order to give potential matches more background about themselves. One can also connect their Instagram and Spotify accounts to Bumble to share their interests that way as well. Further, Bumble, in male-female matches, only allows females to message their matches first. If your match does not message you on Bumble within the first 24 hours of matching with that person, your ability to message them disappears. Many prefer this as they consider it a more secure and comfortable environment to date online.


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Similar to Bumble, OkCupid aims to allow users to make connections based on interests and things important to them, with a variety of interests and values daters can explore and filter their partner search with as well. Aiming to base relationships in off-the-bat similarities matches have in common, the goal is that users will be meeting only people they can really get along with.


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Hinge is a dating app that unlike others, aims to make only lasting connections between users. Instead of being a hookup or casual dating platform, Hinge markets itself as the only dating app designed to be deleted. It aims to help foster long-term relationships off the bat, helping users find love. Hinge is also unique because it doesn’t let users fill out their profiles half-heartedly. Users are encouraged to fill their accounts with lots of detail and discourage those looking for flings or casual relationships from using the app, as it is meant to be a platform for those looking for more meaningful connections.

What are the best college dating apps? Let us know below, especially if you have any experiences to share!

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