Want A Matching Tattoo With Someone? Here Are Some Non-Corny Matching Tattoo Ideas

Matching tattoos can be so cute and sweet, or they can be embarrassing and ultra corny. Getting a tattoo to commemorate a relationship is a big deal, so definitely make sure you’re making the right decision. I obviously don’t need to give you the lecture about how tattoos are permanent and removing them is difficult, because I know you already know all of those things. So, if you’ve already decided to get a matching tattoo with a sibling, a friend, a romantic partner, a parent, or someone else, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been researching all of the best ways to get matching tattoos that can stand alone, won’t turn into a regret for you later on, and aren’t super basic. Here are some of the matching tattoos ideas that aren’t corny, and can help you come up with an idea that you’ll be proud of and will love forever.

Tiny Tattoos

Nothing is more discreet than a tiny tattoo. You can get your tiny tattoo anywhere and of anything! Extra points if the tattoo subjects mean something to you and the person you’re matching with. Something significant always makes a tattoo more lovable. This little lock and key are adorable, but I’ve also seen initials, smiley faces, hearts, a yin yang, a sun and moon, butterfly wings and so many more. Tiny tattos can be hidden really well, and if later down the road you don’t want it anymore, it can be easily covered up or turned into something else.

Connecting Tattoos

Connecting tattoos can also double as tiny tattoos, or can be a lot bigger if that’s what you’re going for. Basically, the point of connecting tattoos is that when you put the pieces together, they make a whole! You can do an arrow like this one, a heartbeat, a string, a character like CatDog, and so many other options! Connecting tattoos can look really cool on their own, like a half, but when you come together, the whole will look even better. You might want to make sure this tattoo is done with someone you see often, or you’ll just have a half of your tattoo your whole life. Whatever works best for you.

Funny Little Cartoons

I’m absolutely obsessed with Julia Roblin and her TikTok videos. She has so many cute little matching tattoo ideas. Some are hilarious like frogs in cowboy hats, wizard mushrooms, sloths, space mice and more. They are cute, mystical and so so fun! Find a pair that means something to you (or doesn’t, who cares) and get tatted. Something fun like these little tattoos can really show off your personalities or the playfulness of your relationship. Not all matching tattoos have to be super heartfelt and dramatic, some can be fun, whimsical and silly. 

Color and Outline

I’m obsessed with the idea of two identical tattoos but opposite sections are in color or simple outlines. This example uses two potted cacti, with one person getting the left one in color and the other person getting the right one in color. This can be done with a pair of anything and looks super cool. Another important thing about this option is that it looks really cool on its own, unlike other options! While some of the others aren’t even full tattoos, this is a complete design that is really fun and beautiful. It can also be integrated into any tattoo ideas you have, so if you already have a basis idea, this can be the cherry on top of it.

Which of these matching tattoos ideas do you like? Comment below!

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