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Here’s How To Celebrate Your 22nd Birthday (Taylor’s Version)

22nd birthday Taylor Swift

Happy 22nd birthday Zillennial! Are you feelin’ 22 yet? I turned 22 last year and I went all out to party like my Queen Taylor Swift would want me to. See above, I even recreated the entire outfit from the music video. While I know not everyone is as dedicated as I am, there are actually some really simple ways to party as she intended us to. If you’re ready, this article is going to have everything you need to celebrate your 22nd birthday Taylor Swift style. Let’s get started.

Dress up like hipsters

Connor Franta Hipster GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you start going through song lyrics, Ms. Taylor Alison Swift says we must start the night by dressing up like hipsters. Yes, this means “hipster” glasses, fake mustaches, suspenders, maybe even a top hat or a monocle. Whatever “hipster” means to you, gather up your costume and let’s go! Going out partying with friends? Have your entire group dress up like hipsters for the night! You have to!

Make fun of our exes

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This might be a simple task on the to-do list or you can go alllll out. Have you seen those hilarious TikToks where people make PowerPoints of their exes have their friend group rate them out of 10? I think this would be an absolutely amazing way to cross this one off the list. Gary from Chem Class? He’s definitely a 4, you can do better!

Breakfast at midnight

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This was one of my favorite parts of my 22nd birthday! I had my besties all go out with me to iHop at midnight so I could be eating it as the clock struck 12. Even better if you start the night out with this and midnight becomes your birthday! Eat some breakfast and let’s go party the night away!

To fall in love with strangers

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Single? Hit the bars or clubs near you! Your 22nd birthday is the NIGHT for you to meet someone new and fall in love! Well, maybe you don’t need to fall in love, but hey, any chance to flirt the night away sounds like a great idea to me!

Ditch the whole scene

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Are you stuck in a slump or do you always do the same thing every weekend? This weekend, we’re switching it up. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before! Eat some food you’ve never had before! Ditch the whole scene and find something fun & new to try out with your squad. Have you guys hit the new glow golf place yet? Now is your opportunity!

We won’t be sleeping

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No sleeping tonight! You might need an energy drink or a cup of coffee because sleep is not on the menu tonight. You only turn 22 once, so crank the music (Taylor’s Version, only) and dance the night away! Also on this to-do task is “dreaming instead of sleeping” whatever that means, so you better be prepared for the night ahead of you.

Jump in the pool with clothes on

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While this isn’t in the lyrics, Taylor jumps in the pool at the end of the music video while wearing cat ears and a full sparkly outfit. If this doesn’t sound fun to you, I don’t know what you’re doing! End the night by having everyone jump into the pool fully clothed, because when else are you ever going to experience that? Never! Like 2013 Taylor Swift would say, YOLO!

Happy birthday! Do you have any other ways to celebrate your 22nd birthday Taylor Swift style? Let us know in the comments below!

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