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Spring 2022 Nail Trends That You Probably Haven’t Seen Anywhere Else – YET

spring 2022 nail trends

Last year it was all about how big and bold and fun our nail designs could be, this spring, it’s all about simplicity… Well, in some ways. I honestly am SO excited about these Spring 2022 nail trends, because I feel as though they’re all super unique, bold, and fitting with the trending fashions right now. So, if you’re headed to the nail salon and need some inspiration, keep on reading to sport only the cutest and trendiest nails this spring.


Something I’m noticing about these Spring 2022 nail trends is playing around with contrast a lot. When incorporating neon colors, you’re almost always going to get a pretty high contrast, making for a bold, bright-looking nail look. However, when paired with a nude background or base, the neon is obviously still very present, but it also is dulled down a bit in terms of sharpness, making it a more “casual” and “wearable” look for many. I think this nail trend is also super cute because it really brings an extra bit of brightness and “pop” to your hands that can be seen even from far away. It’s a really fun one!

Low-Contrast Ombre

Spring tends to bring in the more delicate, airy, floral-feeling vibes for fashion and nails. This trend carries that through flawlessly. With it’s low-contrast, these ombre nail designs are subtle, yet endearing, as they almost trick the eye. The low-contrast nature of these nails contribute to a more delicate and flowy feel to even longer nails.

Oat Milk Nails

MAJOR TREND ALERT! MAJOR TREND ALERT! If you haven’t seen this nail color yet, you will REAL soon. If I had the authority, I’d dub it the official nail color of 2022. This off-white color is both clean and warm, subtle and gorgeous. And it’s SO simple! No designs are necessary for this nail trend because the color speaks for itself! Honestly, with society’s obsession with oat milk in general over the last year, it’s unsurprising the nail trends of 2022 are paying homage to the viral milk substitute.

Metallic Accents

This nail trend gives me “Luxurious” by Gwen Stefani vibes… You get why. While I am a silver-wearer myself, I think the idea of matching the metallic shade found in your nails to your jewelry would be the icing on the cake with this nail trend. It’s a bit futuristic, a bit funky, a bit fancy, and a bit fun; everything you’d want in a springtime nail trend, right?

Marble Nails

Remember when someone on the internet told us that if we dropped nail polish into warm water in concentric circles, swirled the polish around, and dipped our nails in, we’d be blessed with some of the coolest-looking nails our middle-school selves could fathom? Yeah, me too. I remember sitting on my friend’s garage floor for two hours trying to get everything just right. While it was super cute and pretty worth it, the time spent attempting this technique on myself makes me thankful for the fact that as an adult, I can take myself to the nail salon if I really want this super cute nail look! Woohoo! Both us, and our marble nails have matured.

Earth-Toned Water Color Nails

Using water-based nail polish in earth-tones, you can recreate a look like the ones above. Water color nails fit just within that dainty, delicate mold of Spring nail trends. Though, this medium also allows for more depth and dimension to be created more easily. With water-color nails in 2022, to stay trendy, you may want to stick to more neutral or earth-toned colors, which make this look feel more mature than elementary.

Back-Glow Nails

This nail trend looks like it emerged along with the indie grunge style resurgence, and I kind of love it. Amping up the contrast, this trend takes a darker color “behind” a lighter one, blended over the lighter color to give the illusion of a back-glow of color on one’s nail. Personally, I feel like this look comes across as a bit edgier, but I think it’s a great way for those of us with an edgier style to still rock a Spring-y nail trend.

French With a Flair

I am obsessed with the idea of adding gems to a french-tipped nail. Something about the placement of these little circles is so satisfying to me and I’m sure it is to others, hence it’s emergence as a trend! Whether you’re adding gems of different colors, little pearls, or even just tiny dots, these little embellishments add a lot of flair to your french tip.

Gemstone Nails

For this nail look, ask to see the metallic cat eye nail polish selections at your salon! This type of polish offers mesmerizing results that, when done a certain way, can make your nails look like they are gemstones themselves! How cool is that? Whether you’re taking one color across all your nails, or you mix it up, this trend is so fun for spring, especially with the depth offered in the polish.

Aura Nails

Painting little aura designs on your nails has become quite the trend as of late. Whether these super cute designs are layered with geometrical designs, or scattered on their own, I think this design is fun because it is both colorful and mature. Not to mention, the blending adds a softness that makes this nail trend fit perfectly along with the other spring nail trends.

Which one of these Spring 2022 nail trends will you try out? Let us know in the comments or snap a pic and tag us @thezillennialzine on Instagram!

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