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Waist Beads Are An Easy Summer Accessory – History, Etsy Shops & Inspo

waist beads

I don’t know about you, but waist beads have been popping up ALL over my FYP. Deriving from African culture, waist beads help people feel beautiful and confident in their skin. Aside from that, they’re also such a cute accessory that will elevate any summer outfit or swimsuit! I love the look of waist beads, and there are some talented and knowledgeable waist bead makers and sellers where you’ll find the beads for you! So, without further ado, here are some of the cutest waist beads you can sport this summer and all the amazing ways you can style them.

Crystal Waist Beads

waist beads

I love this design of waist beads! If you’re into using crystals to manifest, or if you enjoy using crystals for holistic healing purposes, you might also love these crystal waist beads. Wearing one or multiple kinds of crystals with your waist beads is not only cute, but it can be a fantastic way to try out this trend.

Multicolor Tie-On Waist Beads

waist beads

Unlike a lot western jewelry, traditional African waist beads are often permanently tied onto someone’s body. Many people use the tie on waist beads to encourage losing weight, watching the bead fall and loosen as your fitness journey continues can be satisfying for many. However, they don’t have a size range. They can be made into any size, and the permanent option is an awesome way to add to your style, celebrate culture or embrace femininity.

Pendant Waist Beads

waist beads

Just like necklaces, you can decorate your waist beads with pendants along the chain. Pendants on your waist beads can help show off your personality, style, or whatever! With different pendants, there really are lots more options for what they can look like!

Styling Ideas

Essentially any outfit that shows your midriff are great ways to style waist beads! This is why they are such a cute accessory for summer! The boho beachy vibes are staying strong this summer with these styles!

Low Rise Pant + Crop Top

Long Skirt + Little Top


Would you try out waist beads for summer? Let us know in the comments!

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