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Meal Prep Recipes Have Never Been This Easy, Tasty & Summery

For me, the key to keeping my summer cravings satisfied is to keep things cool and light. Oftentimes, the summer is way too warm to eat warm and cozy comfort foods. Instead, cooler, fresher, and lighter meals are great picks for the summer! The only problem with this is that when it comes to making fresh foods, I find a hard time incorporating lots of flavor into summer meals. Your summer eating may be healthy, but it doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, it shouldn’t be boring at all! So to give you some inspiration for some tasty summer eats, check out these easy and tasty summer meal prep ideas!

Shrimp Taco Bowls

Shrimp tacos have to be one of my favorite summer foods, and surprisingly, making some for meal prep meals doesn’t have to be difficult! Fully cooking the ingredients beforehand and keeping things separate can help these taco bowls last longer, but once you’re ready to eat, mixing everything together would make all the deliciousness activate.

Mediterranean Chicken Bowls

Mediterranean meals are some of the greatest summer eats! Not only are they insanely healthy, they’re also not heavy and are great to eat on a warm day. Fuel up with a mediterranean chicken bowl and add in all the yummy veggies, proteins, legumes, and dressings to keep you moving and grooving all summer!

Stir Fry Bowls

Stir frys are always my go-to. They’re seriously SO easy. Just add a protein of your choice, veggies, and sauce to fry and boom! You’re left with something super delicious and easy to make! Serve up alone or with rice, noodles, lettuce boats, etc. to pull the whole meal together.

Greek Salad Bowls

Back on the Mediterranean track, these Greek salad bowls are a must-try this summer! Salad meal preps are easier than they seem, and perfect for warmer weather. With flavors so perfect with one another, this salad tastes like it has restaurant quality, but only takes seconds to put together after prepping them for the week! Don’t skip this one!

Taco Salad Meal Kits

I love hearty salads. While a light salad can be great from time to time, it doesn’t always satisfy my appetite. This taco salad meal kit allows you to combine some of your favorite comfort flavors into a salad for a refreshing twist for summer that still keeps you full and energized throughout the day.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are not only one of the most gorgeous-looking meals out there, they’re also packed with veggies and encourage colorful eating. Adding protein to spring rolls can include shrimp, chicken, tofu, and even edamame! With all these proteins, delicious veggie and sauce combinations can round out your rolls and make them mouth-wateringly good. Also, for a little fun twist, you can make your spring rolls sweet by adding fruit and creating non-savory dipping sauces! The possibilities are endless, so if you wanted to, you could fill your tummy with delicious spring rolls the whole Summer!

Tofu “Poke” Bowls

I live for poke bowls in the summer. They’re so delicious and refreshing, but seeing as I’m mostly landlocked, I don’t trust myself to prepare fresh and delicious raw fish for my prepped meals. So, to still enjoy the rest of the bowl’s yummy contents, I like to make these tofu “poke” bowls. The tofu adds a fun texture to the dish that is just as satisfying as fish! Give it a try!

Italian Pinwheels

Finally, if you have absolutely no time to chop or cook foods to prep, you can pull together these Italian pinwheels to prep anytime! As long as you have wraps, a deli protein, and whatever else you want to add in, you can create these in a pinch! They’re also great for portion control and snacking throughout the day! Whether it’s a snack or meal, Italian pinwheels are a great idea without putting in much effort.

Which of these summer meal prep ideas will be your go-to? Let us know in the comments!

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