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A Dream With Meaning: How To Use Your Dreams To Impact Your Life

dream with meaning

You just woke up from an insane dream. For a few minutes, it still feels like all of the information you just retained was real. Did that actually happen or was that just part of the dream? And… what the hell does a dream like that even mean? Most of the time, when we remember our dreams, we can wake up feeling frazzled and confused. Sometimes, we can even feel sad or distressed, because dream feelings often transform into real feelings. Instead of just brushing them off and going on about your day, what if there was a way to actually understand your dreams? Most dreams are not just random fragments of thoughts – most dreams are a dream with meaning, and you just have to key in to discover it. Here are some ways to help you understand your dreams.

Common Dream Meanings

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While your dream might seem totally off the wall, chances are the underlying plot can be simmered down to a common dream meaning. Most of the time, dreams can be categorized down to a few different meanings. Don’t just start googling the meaning though – there are some really educated and awesome resources out there. Grab a classic book like 12,000 Dreams Interpreted, head over to the Dream Dictionary, or download an app like iDream to have on hand.

Write Them Down

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I don’t know if it’s just me but any time someone references a “dream journal,” I can’t help but think of Shark Boy & Lava Girl. While I’m not telling you to go overboard, I think it can be really helpful to write down your dreams soon after you wake up. Usually in the first few moments after waking up, the details are fresh in your brain. If you spend too long waking up, going to the bathroom, or making breakfast… they’ll fade quickly. Writing them down will also help you find any recurring elements that you might not otherwise notice.

Follow Your Feelings

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Dreams are the way our brains process emotions and thoughts while we sleep. While it might seem like your dream was just a bunch of nonsense, it probably relates way more to your life and current situations than you think. Did your dream leave you feeling confused? Maybe something in your life is confusing you. Did you feel anxious or annoyed? Look around at your day-to-day life to see if there is something causing these feelings while you’re awake. Most of the time, dreams can even be the key to unlocking feelings you’ve been suppressing and feelings you didn’t even know were there.

Act On Them

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What is the point of knowing what your dreams mean if you’re not going to use this information for good? After you’ve figured out the meaning – whether through days of analyzing a string of dreams or from reading up about a single dream meaning – figure out what this means for your life. If you’ve figured out why you’ve been feeling uncomfortable in a situation, fix it! Dreams are a very helpful tool in deciphering feelings and emotions that are hard to understand outwardly. Use this information to positively impact your life! Turn your dreams into reality.

Do you ever have a dream with meaning? My guess is yes! What have you learned about yourself in your dreams? Let us know in the comments below!

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