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3 New Trends In Beauty From Social Media That You Have To Try Out

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This article was a submission from professional/licensed hairstylist and makeup artist Tracy Proffitt. Find her on Instagram at @tracyazgal. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Sometimes, you might get sick of your typical makeup routine and want to branch out and try something new. The makeup world is constantly evolving and just like any part of the beauty or fashion industry, new trends are popping up everywhere. There have been so many new makeup trends lately that people are sharing all over the internet, whether it’s on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. Whether you’re looking for something outrageous or classic, I’ve rounded up a few of the best ones for you to try out!

Gym Lips


The Gym Lips trend‼️👄🏃‍♀️Comment below what your lip liner/lip treatment combo is⬇️💕IB: @Kelli Anne Sewell 😘

♬ Feel No Ways – Drake

This is something I have done for a while so I was excited to see this become popular! I love the term “Gym Lips,” which was coined by makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell. While lips are the focus, it really is about the no-makeup-makeup look for the gym or just a day of running around, being outdoors or doing errands. If you’re wanting to look fresh-faced and effortless, this is it. First thing, you need to find a lip liner that matches the natural color of your lips. This can be the trickiest part. Next, line your lips or very slightly overline them with your perfect color. This next part is easier. Find a gloss, balm or lip oil that is sheer, clear or matches your natural lip hue as well. The point is, keep it as natural looking as possible!

Transparent Eyeliner

This one is really cool and is almost a reverse or negative eyeliner technique. The coolest part is that there is no eyeliner skills actually required! Concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone is all you need! Using an angled brow brush, dip into the concealer and carve out a cat eye stencil on the outer corner of your eye where the eyeliner would typically go. Blend the edges out with the help of a similar eyeshadow shade and set with powder. Boom! This is an inverse eyeliner look that is really unique and does an amazing job of shaping your eyes without as much of a contrast!

Passport Photo Makeup

This technique’s purpose is to give you the best photo for your passport that will stand the test of time for 10 years. Georgia Barratt set this off on Tiktok. The trick is to give you a timeless, flawless and defined look. Contouring is used to chisel your jawline, nose and give your face some structure in the photo. Don’t overdo it, you have to look like yourself! You don’t want to look dated either, you want this to be a good photo to get you through 10 years. Stick to a foundation that matches your face and neck perfectly. Use contouring powder that is just a couple shades darker and not too orange or too ashy for your skin and use a light-handed approach. Fill your brows in with pomade and powder for a full and sculpted look, but don’t brush them straight up with brow wax and fill them in too heavily, as these trends will look dated in 5 years! Keep eyeshadow matte and in natural shades, with no glitter or shimmer. Lips are best kept to natural shades and matte finishes with a slight gloss or balm over top, not too shimmery.  You are going for definition and sculpting for a classic look that brings out your best features, leave the trend at home for this photo. No highlighter for this, only strategically placed blush and bronzer will be best. Think of a natural or amped-up no makeup look. Photos tend to wash out makeup, so focus on defining eyes and lips.

What other new trends in makeup have you seen on social media? Let us know in the comments section below!

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