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Our Fashion Guide For Surviving A Rainy Day When They’re New To You

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Hey! I think I just caught you looking up “what to wear in the rain.” It seems obvious to some people — don’t worry though. I’ve been there too. I grew up with 100-degree summers and a “dry heat” where the only water we were getting was a 40-minute drive to the lake or a jump in the pool (which felt like bathwater by the time you got to it). So, after moving to a place where it rained consistently, I felt like I was left out in the cold. Trust me when I say you’ll need to look up the weather each morning if you’re coming from a place where it stays the same all month. I was never expecting my college town to rain so much in the summer, but most mornings were met with a new June gloom. Putting together a good outfit in the rain or the snow can be hard, but fun too. I’ll give you the essentials for modern-day rain fashion and you can splash through puddles on your own from there.

 A rain jacket

I know. Duh! But here’s the thing: you have to really like your raincoat. I wear mine all the time like when I may be caught in a storm grocery shopping, the weather app warns of light rain and even if it’s cloudy around town. Find something with a cute pattern and some pockets that will go with the rest of your style. The goal in my book is for an accessory like a rain jacket to fit in with the rest of my outfit, so it shouldn’t look like I might go skiing after or be the brightest thing I own. I found my rain jacket on Poshmark my freshman year and wear it all the time.

A good pair of boots

You don’t necessarily need rain boots if you’re going somewhere in the mountains or during monsoon season, but you’ll need some sort of shoes that will sit above your ankle and keep your feet dry. Besides, it might ruin your Vans or Converse if the ground is completely soaked.

An umbrella

Again. Duh? When buying your umbrella follow the same rule as the rain jacket. Get one you like. It should be cute without being overly eye-catching. I always keep mine on the side of my backpack and it’s subtle enough that I don’t feel embarrassed walking to class with it (even though the internet keeps telling me it is embarrassing).

Dark loose-fitting jeans

I often find comfort in a good reliable pair of black jeans. Especially when it’s raining. It can be tempting to ignore the weather for the sake of the ‘fit, but if you’re in a place where the rain lasts for days on end then you’re going to want to have some items in your closet to lean back on.

Tight/high socks

If you’re determined to have Pinterest-level style when it rains, then you have to layer. Wearing a skirt under your rain jacket can be a vibe, but I encourage you to throw some tights or some long socks on as well. A cute pair of tights or thigh high socks are super cute anyways. Sometimes the problem isn’t the rain itself, but the wind. The mountain can really hurdle some new problems at desert folk, and you have to be prepped for the weather to be worse than it looks.


Whether the weather is snow or rain, a beanie can save you from the cold. Plus, if you’re at the end of your wash cycle, hiding your hair under a beanie and making it look like it’s on purpose is a huge help. You may have hat hair if it rains too hard, but it’s better than walking inside with wet hair.

Scrunchies/hair ties

If you’re moving to a windy city with long hair here’s a tip: always have a scrunchie or hair tie on your wrist. You’re much better off tying your hair back in a crummy ponytail than having hair whip around your face. Once I started collecting scrunchies it was hard to stop, but they make the perfect accessory.

 A fanny pack

The fanny pack I bought on a whim a year ago has saved my butt through my moves. Slinging a bag across my chest when most of my clothes don’t have reliable pockets to fit my giant key ring, my wallet and my phone is so convenient. Running through your errands in the rain isn’t exactly fun, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you style right. 

What’s your favorite rain fashion pieces? How would you assemble the perfect cloudy weather outfit? Let us know in the comments below?

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