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7 More Cute Hairstyles For Summer To End On A Stylish (And Not Sweaty) Note

cute hairstyles for summer

We’re all waiting for fall to roll around, but it’s still so hot outside. You know, that late part of summer when your hair starts sticking in the sweat on the back of your neck and you’re perpetually reaching for a scrunchie to tie it all up? Well, instead of dealing with the hair-tragedies of long hair in the summertime, why not try out one of these cute hairstyles for summer that will keep you cool and look super cute!

Bubble Braid Buns

I love putting my hair up into low buns because it’s such an easy, cool, and out-of-the-way hairstyle. However, some of the time, just tying my hair into those little buns can feel a little boring. To spice it up a little and add in some texture, putting together french bubble braids before the buns.

Dutch Braids

While it’s not all-that-unique, it sure is cute! Double dutch braids are adorable, classic, and keep you SO cool. With all your hair pulled back and out of the way, you’ll be ready to be out in the sun, working out, or cool at the beach or pool! This hairstyle is such a great go-to for warmer months.

Chic Bandana Bun

Working with second-day hair? No problem! This hairstyle is great for getting everything up and out of the way while still feeling polished, no matter the state of your hair! Just tie your hair up in your favorite type of not-so-messy messy bun then use a bandana or scarf to pull any flyaways or layers out of your face. But if it’s your style, pull out a few face-framing tufts and enjoy your beautiful summer day!

Middle Part Sleek Ponytail

I’ve been loving the slicked back look lately (mainly because of a spontaneous at home haircut fail). It’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face while also simultaneously rocking an ultra-trendy hairstyle. Also, if you’ve just stepped out off the beach or out of the pool, you can still look fantastic.

Faux Fishtail Ponytail

Speaking of ponytails, have you tried a braided ponytail? They are so cute, and also keep your hair completely out of the way! Whether it’s another braid or a faux-braid like this gorgeous faux-fishtail, this hairstyle is an easy way to look like you spent longer than you did on your hair. Better start practicing your ponytail walk.

‘90s Double Spikey Bun

No surprise that the ‘90s trends are still going strong, but this bun better continue to live on! I love that this hairstyle looks elegant and sleek, but is still rather simple to achieve. Optional: spike up the ends of your hair that stick out, and look even more like a ‘90s movie star on the red carpet.

High Pigtails

Regardless of your hair texture and if you go sleek or boho with it, high pigtails are always a win. When I wear them out, I always get compliments on my hair. It offers a fun, playful vibe that also manages to keep your hair out of your face, and up out of the way!

Which of these cute hairstyles for summer will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments!

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