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12 Activities To Help You Have A Sufjan Stevens Summer

sufjan stevens summer

Picture this: greenery, barefooted skipping, fresh baked goods, reading in the speckled shade beneath a big old tree. When I listen to Sufjan Stevens, I’m transported to a calm, happy place. The calm, ethereal, beautiful tunes of Sufjan Stevens surely seems like the soundtrack to a lovely and full-of-healing summer. At the start of summer, I saw a surge in people wanting to go full Sufjan Stevens summer, and seeing that, I was so here for it. Who doesn’t love a relaxing and meditative moment? 

So, if you’re looking to strip down with the music and breathe easy this summer, here are some Sufjan Stevens-esque summertime activities. Beware: comfort and healing ahead.

Farmer’s Markets

Soften your jaw, take some deep breaths, and roll out of bed to find your way to your local Farmer’s Market. Fresh air, neighborly conversation, fresh produce, baked goods, and getting a little walk in– all of these elements make up an amazing morning! Luckily for you, Farmer’s markets tend to have all this and more for you to enjoy, and this wholesome, simple fun is a great Sufjan Stevens Summer activity.

Coffee Shop Patios

Creating a Sufjan Stevens summer involves a lot of romanticizing what is simple and traditionally considered mundane. So, if you have some work to get done, instead of trudging away at your home desk, consider making your way out to a nearby coffee shop. If you have cute independent coffee shops or cafes near you, even better– a little quirk is always welcomed. To enjoy the fact that it is a Sufjan Stevens summer after all, getting out on the patio and enjoying the weather can make the activity all the more romantic and calming.

Berry Picking

Now, before you go out and start picking for wild local berries, it is important to be sure that you’re being safe. Make sure the berries you’re picking are identified as edible. Now, that the safety precautions are out of the way, get into some comfy, flowy, cute clothes and grab a basket to get picking! This is definitely an amazing photo op, and it also leads into another Sufjan Stevens-esque activity: baking! Whether alone or with friends, this is such a fun summertime activity!

Picnic in a Meadow

When warm weather is about, I’m all about going out for picnics. To elevate it a little bit so that you’re achieving the Sufjan Steven’s level of angelic, see if you can find a pretty meadow to set up in. Bonus points if you’re picnicking for breakfast at sunrise or at sunset, creating an even more gorgeous natural atmosphere. Whether you’re enjoying Sufjan Stevens music or the chirping of birds, hopefully you’re able to breathe easier on this picnic.


Another easygoing, simple, yet insanely beautiful summertime activity is to go stargazing. Whether you’re in the bed of a truck, hammocking, snuggled in blankets on a lawn, or resting on a trampoline, stargazing is an amazing Sufjan Stevens summer activity that incorporates all things wholesome, meditative, calming, and relaxing. Like how a farmer’s market can be one of the best ways to start your day, there are a lot of ways in which stargazing can be one of the best ways to cap your day off.

Riverside Reading

When I remember that reading doesn’t have to be boring, tiresome or a chore, it becomes one of my favorite activities again. Speaking of how Sufjan Stevens summer activities involve romanticizing the seemingly mundane, riverside reading is a more romantic and whimsical way to read. Get comfy near a body of flowing water and use that sound as a backdrop for whatever world you’re ready to explore.

Bookstore Browsing

Before you hit up a nearby river for your new reading nook, check out a nearby bookstore for the perfect read! Sufjan Stevens summertime activities are about taking it slow and contemplative. Instead of looking at the most popular sells on Amazon and waiting for your book in the mail, consider meandering through the aisles of a local bookstore. Bonus points if it’s a little independent secondhand bookstore with staff recommendations– because we all know those are the best.

Bake Focaccia

Another Sufjan Stevens summertime activity that gets you out of the sun is baking! Make it a meditative, calming practice. No pressure, take it slow! I think focaccia is a great Sufjan Stevens-like bake because there’s a lot of opportunity to have fun with this bake and get creative without the pressure of things going terribly wrong, which they can when baking something a bit more intricate. Focaccia is tactile and can be calming to make, and the decorations with fresh veggies are not only so pretty, they’re also a great thing to pick up if you make it out to your local farmer’s market.

Visit a Gallery

If you’re looking to beat the heat while still enjoying beautiful sights, check out a nearby art gallery. Sculptures, paintings, and exhibits of all kinds can be fun to explore alone or with a friend. Take things slow and meditatively, contemplate themes and inspirations, and enjoy the beauty for what it is.

Paint in the Grass

OK, back to the outdoors! Take whatever inspiration visiting your local gallery or museum imposed on you and act. Lay out a blanket, get your supplies together, and go for it! There’s no pressure for it to turn out great, but taking it slow and enjoying the process is what this activity is all about. If you’re looking to romanticize this already-romantic activity even more, you can go ahead and grab some friends, some snacks, drinks, and tunes to complete the vibe.

Sunset Bike Ride

Taking things slow and easy can apply to lots of aspects of your life, and in true Sufjan Stevens fashion, commuting by bike when you can would undoubtedly make your summer more colorful. Not only does moving your body help reduce stress and keep you healthy, you’re double dipping and getting a way around to all of your Sufjan Stevens-like activities.

Drive With The Windows Down

Bonus points if it’s about to rain! I feel like the smell of rain coming really completes the Sufjan Stevens vibe here. You know, all cozy and contemplative. Play some Sufjan Stevens or other calm, angelic music and enjoy the feeling of the wind caressing your face and hair. This is another great way to get you back and forth to your summertime activities as well as whatever else you have to do.

What Sufjan Stevens Summer activities have made your summer angelic and relaxing? Let us know below!

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