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Easy Halloween Makeup Looks So You Can Whip Up A Costume Pronto

easy Halloween makeup

If you haven’t already picked out a Halloween costume, it’s about that time to figure out something quick. Personally, my favorite way to improvise a Halloween costume is to figure out a makeup look first. Honestly, your makeup can be the star of your entire costume if it’s done right. Because of this, I thought I would round up my favorite easy Halloween makeup ideas so you can create a costume out of nothing.


Even though it’s been a few years since the newer IT movies hit theaters, this movie is still a CLASSIC. There will never be a Halloween in which dressing up as Pennywise isn’t cool and creepy. Honestly, in order to do it you should focus on the makeup and then think about your outfit later. Really, as long as you have the iconic makeup done, any white dress will do. Add on a white ruffle around the neck for extra points. This look is so easy and really doesn’t take too much technical skill!

Bat Wing Eyeliner


Easy Halloween makeup hack to create bat wings 🦇 ib @nubiafiguerooa #makeuphacks #halloweenmakeup #fypシ #makeuptutorial

♬ Secret – The Pierces

Even if you don’t want to fully dress up in costume, you can still show off your Halloween spirit by adding some spooky touches to your usual routine. If you do your makeup as you usually would but add on this bat wing or spider web-looking eyeliner, you’ll be in for tricks and treats all night long! All you need is some black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow!

Eyeliner Art

Once again, these eyeliner art options can be used in conjunction with a costume or on their own! While these definitely take a little more technical skill, they can be a really fun way to have fun with your makeup and to learn something new! Which one out of the three is your favorite?


Throw on a hat and a flannel and with this makeup look, you’re a spooky (or super cute) scarecrow! Honestly, I don’t know why, but scarecrows are super creepy so I love this look because it is kinda scary without being over the top or gorey! You can also choose to dress it up or down as you please!

Blood Splatter

This is super fun and glam! Honestly, all you need is some red face paint (which you splatter on your face) and some red jewels! Boom! I love this look because its so easy, so fun and gorey but in a really classy and chill way. This is definitely one I will keep in mind for a last minute costume idea.

Euphoria Rhinestone Tears


I think i’ll be a cry baby for halloween 😂 obsessed with these rhinestone tears! Such an easy halloween costume! #rhinestonemakeup #rhinestoneeyes #halloweenlook #easyhalloweenmakeup #getstonned #rhinestones #glittertears

♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song – PeriTune

If you’re not wanting anything remotely scary, you should definitely go glam instead. With this Euphoria-esque rhinestone tears look, you will look stunning and have so much fun! If you follow this easy tutorial, you will look so amazing! This can be paired with so many different costumes too – like an angel, Greek goddess or popstar look.

Classic Cat

Sometimes you just have to go with the classics. When you can’t figure out what to be for Halloween, being something as simple as a cat can be really fun! With the use of some black eyeliner, draw on some whiskers and a cute kitty nose! Throw on a cat ear headband and wear all black and you’re good to go. Classic, cute and so much fun!

What easy Halloween makeup ideas are your favorite? Let us know what you’ll be being for Halloween in the comments section below! Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!

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