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Get Your Boo The Cutest Gift With These Spooky Basket Ideas

spooky basket ideas

It doesn’t have to be a birthday or Christmas to show your loved one that you care. In fact, basically any holiday can be a reason to declare your love. All over the internet, I’ve been seeing people make their girlfriends and boyfriends spooky baskets, which are a super fun way to show your boo that you love them! Here are your favorite spooky basket ideas, whether you’re making a spooky basket for him, a spooky basket for girlfriend or a spooky basket for a friend!

Spooky Basket Ideas

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Here are some of our favorite spooky basket ideas that anyone in your life will love!

Basket of Bones

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First off, you’ll want a skeleton-themed Halloween basket, which you can find online here. Then, you’ll want to fill it up with a bunch of fun goodies! Start with these skeleton socks, some bone candy, this super adorable reversible T-Rex skeleton plushie and top it off with these super cool skeleton mason jar glasses! Obviously, you’ll want to top off the spooky basket with some candy, bonus points if you keep the color scheme rolling!

Pumpkin Pail

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For this one, grab a classic orange pumpkin bucket! These are so nostalgic and cute and can easily be incorporated into your pal’s spooky home decor (or can be used to pass out candy on Halloween)! These pumpkin pie socks are a perfect addition because they can be worn all throughout the season, not just on Halloween. Next, add in this pumpkin plush pillow that I guarantee they will love. These plush pillows are similar to the ones they sell at pottery barn and are super in style. Now, this one might be controversial but I think these pumpkin candy corn candies will be perfect!

Ghostly Gift

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Another Halloween motif that would translate perfectly into a spooky basket is ghosts. For this one, I would recommend this super stylish ghostface-themed tote! Sustainability is really important when it comes to gift giving, so I like to give people something that can be used in their life more than just once. This tote can be used every year (or all throughout the year) and it’s so cute. In terms of plushies, this little ghost is the best option! To mix it up, I think this ghost pop socket could also be a fun addition!

It’s Freakin’ Bats

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For our final spooky basket idea, we’re going for bats and vampires! If your love is a Twilight fan, I feel like it would be so much fun to get them this movie box set or book box set! Even if they aren’t the biggest fan in the world, I think it would still be fun to binge the movies together to get in a spooky mood. Next, stick in this super cute vampire bat plushie. Does your lover have a soft spot for peanut butter-filled treats? I sure do! These Reese’s PB bats are to die for!

Which of these spooky basket ideas do you like the best? Will you be getting your boo a spooky basket? Let us know in the comments!

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