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What Is An Aphrodite Offering And What Are The Benefits?

Aphrodite offering

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect with the gods and goddesses you’ve heard about in Greek mythology stories? Well, you’re in luck!

On TikTok, videos have been circulating about how people connect with and honor these Greek gods or deities in real life. In honoring these deities through the use of many offerings, these worshippers work towards building relationships with them in exchange for spiritual guidance throughout their life. While others may believe in the power of a singular god, healing crystals from the Earth or the connection between the universe and manifestation, the worship of a deity is a unique method for someone who seeks healing, protection or needs direction.

And one of the most common deities that many people love to worship and celebrate is Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. With over 946,000 views and thousands of videos on the #Aphroditeoffering section of TikTok, it’s not a shock to see that Aphrodite is one of the most beloved deities among the gods and goddesses. But why are they honoring her? What are people seeking from Aphrodite? How do you offer something to a Greek goddess anyway?! If you have a ton of questions on how to build this type of intimate relationship with a Greek goddess like Aphrodite or how this dynamic works, you’ve come to the right place to learn.

All About Aphrodite And Why People Pray To Her

Although there is no “official” story as to how Aphrodite came to be, there are two stories that seem to explain her existence. The first is that Aphrodite was the child of Zeus, the king of the Gods, and the goddess Dione. The other is that she descended from the foam of the sea after the brutal slaying of Uranus (Oranous), the god of the sky.

Nonetheless, Aphrodite was created to represent all that is beauty, love and passion. Many pray and honor her to seek confidence and self-love for themselves, and in return, she grants them the love they deserve. In my opinion, Aphrodite is one of the more wholesome and female-empowering deities to ever exist. She is all about teaching her followers to receive healthy love, treat themselves with respect and care, set boundaries within relationships and use love as a guiding force for themselves. With someone so dedicated to the teachings of love and beauty, it’s no wonder people are so inclined to connect with her.

Ways To Honor Aphrodite: An Offerings Guide

Before buying anything to honor Aphrodite, be sure to do some research on the things she likes, as well as the things she may consider disrespectful or harmful. Knowing what coincides with her beliefs and strengths can potentially create better outcomes for your life and goals. However, there are numerous ways to honor Aphrodite, and no kind gesture is too small or too big for this goddess! Offerings are all about good intentions– as long as your intentions working with Aphrodite are pure and positive, the relationship between the two of you should blossom into a journey of self-love and healthy energies. So without further ado, here are a few things to consider offering to Aphrodite.

Stones and Crystals

Calling all crystal lovers who want to connect with Aphrodite! If you have a few of these stones in your crystal collection, you are already one step closer to connecting with her. Aphrodite loves garnets, rubies, rose quartz, pearls, diamonds, sapphire and aquamarine stones. With each of these stones centering its energies towards love, abundance, happiness and overall good vibes, these stones would make great offerings and/or additions to your altars.

Incenses are often believed to enhance our spiritual focus. By cleansing the environment and your mind of bad energies, it prepares you for inner and outer exploration. And to establish this relationship with Aphrodite, incense can help! Aphrodite is known to be fond of the scents of rose, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, cypress and frankincense– so be sure to stock up on some of those scents!


If you decide to make an altar or decide to pick random offerings with good intentions, take into consideration the colors! Aphrodite loves the colors pink, red, blue, green, white and gold– a mixture of some bold and soft colors.

Food and Drinks

In any type of god worshipping, their worshippers would offer up the best food, wine and snacks to appease their gods. And of course, Aphrodite deserves only the best. Anything sweet, decadent or rich in flavor would make a great offering to her. Some items can include red wine, olive oil, fruit (strawberries, raspberries, etc.,) honey, chocolate, candy, vanilla and cinnamon.

Tarot and Divination

For my fellow tarot card lovers and explorers of divination, the cards can also be an offering. Tarot cards each have their unique meanings, and each can serve as a guide in answering tough questions about your life. Some cards like “The Lovers”, “The Star” and “The Empress” representing characteristics of love, inspiration and romance creations, these would make great offerings to Aphrodite. If you’re at all curious about what tarot cards are and/or curious about divination and connecting with the universe, be sure to check out our article that gives insight into their meanings and spiritual guidance!

Other Important Offerings

While we gave you a few good items to consider when you plan to make offerings to Aphrodite, there are also a ton of other objects you can choose from as well! Ranging from jewelry, perfume and beauty products to seashells, seawater and sand, anything that you can think of that is associated with Aphrodite will most definitely be a good offering. On TikTok, people have been offering roses, handwritten letters and art pieces as well!

When offering to Aphrodite or any deity of that matter, make sure your intentions are pure and that you are doing your absolute best to maintain the relationship between you and your deity. Of course, it is okay to make mistakes during the worshipping process, but be sure to do your research beforehand on how to respectfully worship a deity. Other than that, worshipping deities are meant to be another form of spiritual guidance, and hopefully, through this short guide of offerings to Aphrodite, you’ll be more than ready to gain some self-love and confidence for your future!

Do you have any other Aphrodite offering ideas? Have you ever heard of this before? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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