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Updating Your TBR? Add These Cozy Autumn Books To The List

Oh baby, the weather outside is getting frightful, making the reading inside that much more delightful. Yes, it’s the time of year to cuddle up with a good book and sink into the ultimate autumn or winter cozy dream! You have the candles, you have the fuzzy blankets, you have the socks, the tea, the comfy chair and when you gather those all together, all you really need is the reading material.

Last year, we covered some our all-time favorite cozy autumn books. That list included some pretty “killer” books suited for spooky and snuggly seasons. Though, Halloween’s gone and with our sights set on the end of 2022, I wanted this year’s list to include some of the best of what this year had to offer thus far– while still keeping the vibe cozy, of course! And by “best of what the year has to offer” I mean through my speculation, mainly. Because in this case, this book list is my end-of-year reading list! So, feel free to treat the comment section of this article like a book club!

Naturally, we have the “warm and fuzzy,” the “teleporting” and, of course, the “this book is so good I’ll opt for a cozy day indoors over anything else because yes, it’s just that gripping” kinds of books sprinkled into this list. All in all, it’s all about vibe isn’t it? I guess you could say all these books are 2022 reads with a cozy vibe associated with it. So, let’s get into our list of 2022 cozy autumn books!

“We All Want Impossible Things: A Novel” by Catherine Newman

Starting this list off with a fresh feel-good book, “We All Want Impossible Things” is supposed to be, despite its grim hospice setting, quite funny. I love books that open my eyes to fresh situations, perhaps challenging ones even. There’s a lot of beauty we never get to see because we’re only living our one life with its often limited lenses. Books offer up new worlds and experiences to explore and believe me the hight-within-the darkness trope will never truly be overdone. I anticipate this read, a tale of unlikely friendship and as Rhianna explained best “finding love in a hopeless place,” will be something I’d remember for a while, and recognize the beauty of those bits of light we find. I look forward to reading this book when I can get my hands on it. Already flying off shelves, this read is getting great reviews. As author of “What A Kind Woman” Kate Baer explained it, “We All Want Impossible Things” is “gorgeous, tender, and unexpectedly funny.”

“Now Is Not Time To Panic: A Novel” by Kevin Wilson

For another semi-feel-good book, to warm up our souls during this cold weather, reviewers are calling Wilson’s writing “heart-warming” and “unreliable.” Early readers are apparently already falling in love with this book, but it technically doesn’t hit the shelves until November 8th. So, if you get this into your reading list now, you may be able to knock it out right when it comes out! This tale which eventually sparks a romance should definitely have the cozy vibes and not just for the warm and fuzzies alone!

“Before You Knew My Name” by Jaqueline Bublitz

This book seems perfect for the cozy season! Also, if you’re not ready to toss away the spooky vibes after Halloween, I think you’ll like this one. “Before You Knew My Name” is a New York based murder-mystery that incorporates elements of suspense, heartbreak, and feminism! Reviewers are raving about the book’s uniqueness, suspense, and Bublitz’s beautiful writing. I can’t wait to give this book a read, honestly. Having only published on November 1, you can check this book off while it’s still fresh and in many ways, incredibly timely. I look forward to giving this so-called page-turner a go!

“Keeper of Enchanted Rooms” by Charlie Holmberg 

I love the concept of this book – and it seems insanely cozy to me! It sort of seems like an adult-curated kid-style fantasy which I think is so cool! Our protagonist inherits and moves into a new and eventually discovered “enchanted” house which ensues a series of adventures afterward. This book seems like it’s fun and sort of light-hearted, so I love the idea of it for the fall or winter time, because that plus a bit of enchantment spells out super cozy to me! While I discovering new character dynamics is exciting, I really look forward to reading this book and exploring the house in question. The magical vibes seem akin to exploring Hogwarts through a page which to me is the epitome of comfy cozy!!

“Hot and Sour Suspects: A Noodle Shop Mystery” by Vivien Chien

Ok, so if the thought of picturing steaming Chinese food wasn’t enough to sell you on this ultra cozy read, “Hot and Sour Suspects” seems like a book that brings all the coziness with mystery, love, friendships and more! A reviewer from Suspense Magazine said this of the book: “Cozy fans rejoice! You will long for the next course that Vivian Chien serves up!” Once I saw this review, I was sold! I’m very excited to give this unlikely murder mystery a shot!

Which of these 2022 cozy autumn books will you love to read while the weather is chilly out? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you read any of these books, treat the comments like a book club! Let us know what you think, what questions you have, etc! 


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