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No Skip Albums That Are Absolutely Perfect (A Constantly Adjusted List)

no skip albums

When one of your favorite musicians release a new album, it is such an ethereal experience listening to it for the very first time. Each song is a new experience, each track has a new meaning and your brain is ferociously trying to memorize lyrics and tunes. Though, after your third, tenth and even fifteenth listen, you have settled in. You’ve found your favorite tracks, you’ve figured out what songs you can no longer live without and which ones will find places on your favorite playlists. But you might also find the songs you can’t help but skip every time they come on. Every single track doesn’t have to be your cup of tea for an album to be amazing. But what makes an album perfect? When you don’t want to skip a single song. Here is my running list (which will frequently be updated) of absolutely PERFECT no skip albums.

Nightfall by Little Big Town

This album is gold. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to an album that feels like you are sitting next to a campfire at night, looking up at the stars, this is it. With well-known hits like “The Daughters” and “Wine, Beer, Whiskey,” Little Big Town matches the energy with the rest of the tracks. Even if you are not a fan of country music, Little Big Town is known for its vocals, use of instruments and fun, party tracks. If you haven’t heard their older music like “Pontoon,” and “Boondocks,” you have to. “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” is so fun without being over the top. This is a perfect album that I could listen to every day for the rest of my life.

Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves

While I’m a big fan of her newer album “star-crossed” as well, “Golden Hour” is her best work to date. Though, the two back-to-back are a very interesting and creative take on love blooming and then dying. “Golden Hour” is all about love, happiness and the sparkles that come with it. Every single album is fun and lovely, besides the sad tune “Space Cowboy” which is incredible and heartfelt. In love? This is the album for you.

Hero by Maren Morris

While Maren has a large body of work, I always find myself coming back to her 2017 album “HERO.” This album is insanely cohesive with a combination of fun, upbeat tracks and sad love songs. Some of my favorites (even though they are all amazing) are “My Church,” “80s Mercedes” and “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry.” This song is perfect to play while you’re driving around – preferably in a 80s Mercedes but anything will do.

Strict Joy by The Swell Season

This one might seem a little out of pocket but hear me out. This 2009 album is incredible! The Swell Season was a band briefly brought together after the filming of the movie “Once.” Although The Swell Season broke up shortly after this album was created, it is a masterpiece that I have held close to for years. Trust me, give it a listen (specifically in the winter) and thank me later.

Stick Season by Noah Kahan

“Stick Season” by Noah Kahan is 2022’s album of the year. And that’s coming from a die-hard Swiftie. This album is insanely incredible and Kahan is so talented. With his hit “Stick Season” sweeping TikTok and then “Northern Attitude” following, this album was destined for greatness. But it doesn’t stop at that singles, it’s littered with amazing tracks like “Everywhere, Everything,” “Strawberry Wine” and “The View Between Villages.” If you somehow haven’t heard it already, go listen now.

Evermore by Taylor Swift

I wouldn’t be a true Swiftie without putting a Taylor Swift album on this list. Honestly, it wasn’t hard to choose “Evermore” as my no skip album. Every album has a track I just have to skip, there’s “ME!,” there’s “…Ready For It?” and there’s even “epiphany.” Evermore is the only album that has 0 skips, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to all of the rest of her albums all the way through too. Evermore includes tracks like “ivy,” “‘tis the damn season,” “no body no crime” and “cowboy like me” which were life-altering for me.

Superache by Conan Gray

Conan Gray is so underrated. Even though he’s besties with Olivia Rodrigo, he somehow isn’t as popular which blows my mind. We’ve already written an entire article about “Superache” if you want to check it out, but I still needed to add it here. This album is a masterpiece that I won’t stop listening to, ever. I tried to pick out a few of my favorites but couldn’t – seriously, I can’t bring myself to skip a single song on the album.

Harry’s House by Harry Styles

Even though “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” is a lot to swallow, “Harry’s House” still is a no skip album. This album is truly Harry Styles’ best work and I haven’t stopped listening to it since it came out. This album has so much serotonin sprinkled through it, even in its sadder tunes like Matilda and Little Freak. I know this album is going to find its way on my Spotify Wrapped this year, as I’m sure it will the rest of the world. Read our full ranking here.

÷ by Ed Sheeran

While Ed has a newer album, I had to throw it back to “Divide” for this list. When “Divide” first came out, I was obsessed with it. Even lately, I have found myself putting it on (specifically when I was wedding planning, because duh!). To me, there are two tracks that make this album stand out more than any of his pieces of work. Those are “Galway Girl” and “nancy Mulligan.” There’s something about Sheeran tying his culture into his music that elevates it to another level. The Irish folk tunes that he produces have my heart.

Badlands by Halsey

This one is another throwback. Maybe its just nostalgia, but “Badlands” is Halsey’s best album in my opinion. To me, this was when her music was in its prime. She’s come out with a few good songs since this album made its debut, but there hasn’t been an album that is this weel rounded and amazing. From “Drive” to “Hurricane” and “False God,” this album is 2015 Tumblr all rolled up into a pie.

Sour by Olivia Rodrigo

Did you think I would forget? Whether you like Olivia Rodrigo or not, you can not deny the impact “Sour” had on the music industry. With the lead single “Driver’s License,” this album was destined for greatness and it delivered. Rodrigo has a taste of success that no young female has reached since the early Taylor Swift days. This album is so fun and paved the way for females to take over the charts. My favorites are “Favorite Crime” and “Happier.”

Can You Afford To Lose Me? By Holly Humberstone

For alternative fans, I offer you “Can You Afford To Lose Me?” by Holly Humberstone. Humberstone’s vocal capabilities are insane and her indie edgy vibes are so fun. This album is an accumulation of “The Walls Are Way Too Thin” and “Deep End” which I love. There is something so unique about her sound and I can’t wait for more people to discover her.

You Signed Up For This by Maisie Peters

There is something so beautiful about the way that so many young songwriters are Swifties. You can tell by the insanely written and fun music they produce. I am so glad I found Maisie Peters on TikTok because her album “You Signed Up For This” is incredible. Every single song is perfection. Her newest work and singles are looking to be the same, too.

The Hardest Part by Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus’ “The End Of Everything” almost made this list until I heard “The Hardest Part.” How can the sister of Miley Cyrus be so underrated?! Her music is insanely amazing. This album is perfect, endearing, enchanting and has a fantastical feel to it. With the “Noah (Stand Still)” version featuring her father Billy ray Cyrus, this album is unstoppable. Her music is so unique and July was just a launching off point – she has so much to offer.

Emails I Can’t Send by Sabrina Carpenter

While I already crowned “Stick Season” album of the year, this is definitely the album I have listened to most this year. Sabrina Carpenter has finally perfected her craft. I have been a huge fan of hers since her Disney days and enjoyed her “Singular” albums but this one takes the cake. Every single song on this album serves a purpose and is one I can’t live without. I love this album and her tour has only amplified her fanbase, which is amazing.

What no skip albums do you think we should add to this running list? Comment down below and we will take a listen!

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