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What To Wear To A 1975 Concert – 5 Perfect 1975 Concert Outfit Ideas

what to wear to a 1975 concert

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When people said that the “2014 Tumblr aesthetic” was coming back through fashion, music and pop culture, they weren’t kidding. And with The 1975 going back on tour to sing songs off their newly released album “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” the proclaimed icons of the pop rock genre of 2013-2016 are back to reclaim their title in 2022.

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For concert-goers and music connoisseurs, you’ll know just how important and special live music can truly be. And getting ready to go to concerts, either by yourself or with a group of people who know every single lyric by heart, adds to all the fun of seeing your favorite artist live. But trying to come up with outfit ideas for a concert can definitely be tricky, which is why we got you covered! So if you’re planning on seeing The 1975 anytime soon, here is some much-needed outfit inspiration that will have you screaming your heart out to “Robbers” and looking your very best. Here’s what to wear to a 1975 concert.

“Maybe I Would Like You Better If You Took Off Your Clothes”

Colors like black and red not only fit with the edgy and rock aesthetic, but they mash well together. A pair of black or red pants matched with a black or red velvet corset should be an outfit to consider. Or if you are in the mood for dancing and don’t want to wear a tight corset, a little red or black mini-dress paired with some black boots will do the trick. With an outfit like this, you’ll be breaking hearts with ease and look as if Matty Healy wrote the song “Girls” about you.

Couples Outfit: Replicate The “Robbers” Music Video

From songs that give you butterflies in your stomach like “I’m In Love With You” to one of their most iconic songs about a deeply complicated relationship “Somebody Else”, it goes without saying that The 1975 writes some of the most tragic yet beautiful love songs to ever grace music platforms. However, one song that every 1975 fan should know is “Robbers”. This song went viral across Apple Music and Spotify– and no one can forget how popular the music video was (especially that ONE scene) and how it consumed all of Tumblr and Pinterest.

So if you and your significant other are planning on seeing The 1975 and want to plan outfits together, a great idea would be to replicate the outfits seen in the “Robbers” music video. For the girl in the video, you’ll need the red pants, a red bandana and the flashy leopard print top. And for the guy, you’ll need to wear this similar-looking floral top, a black bandana and a black pair of jeans.

Rewind To The Tumblr Aesthetic

Of course, we have to pay tribute to the fashion of the Tumblr aesthetic era. An era of fashion that consisted of combat boots, flannels, tennis skirts and crop tops with the little alien on the shirt pocket. And with the aesthetic slowly coming back, what better occasion to wear this kind of outfit than to the concert of Tumblr royalty?

If you’re trying to achieve the iconic Tumblr aesthetic look, you can’t go wrong with a black tennis skirt, a 1975 band-tee, fishnet stockings and black combat boots. Your outfit will literally look as if you stepped out of the screen of a Tumblr page. And if you’re still not quite sure how to fit the aesthetic into your concert outfit, be sure to check out our article that talks all about the Tumblr aesthetic and how it consumed pop culture.

Want A Pop Of Color? Think Pink!

When I think of a 1975 concert, I immediately think of the pink neon rectangles that flash on stage and their album “I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.” And to stray away from the grunginess and edge of The 1975, a pop of color could definitely help your outfit.

Any dash of pink can help make your outfit incredibly fashionable. Pink pants, an oversized pink blazer, a pink dress or a flashy top with a heart on it (it’s practically screaming “Love Me”!) will definitely help pay tribute!

Pant Suits Don’t Always Have To Be Business Casual

The lead singer of the band, Matt Healy, is usually seen on stage with some sort of suit on and he always looks DAMN good in it! And while these concerts are anything but professional, they certainly are of rockstar business.

One good thing about pantsuits is that they are usually a matching set, meaning you don’t have to scavenge for the perfect pair of pants or the perfect top. And with pantsuits, you can easily dress them down or up depending on your style and what fits your aesthetic. If you are more into the flashy vibes and want an outfit that screams “center of attention”, try a glitter pantsuit! Or if you’re looking for something that can be used for the workplace and a night out, try out this lilac one, this white satin set or even a velvet pair. And if you’re looking for something to wear underneath it, I suggest this white bustier top or this bedazzled, sequined top.

Love It If We Made It (To A 1975 Concert)

With these outfit ideas, you’ll know exactly what to wear when you go see The 1975 on this tour. The 1975 is easily one of the best artists I’ve seen live and everyone must get the chance to see them perform at some point in their lives. So now that you have your outfit inspiration, spend less time worrying about what you are going to wear and more on having the time of your life!

What would you wear to a 1975 concert? Do you have any 1975 concert outfit ideas or suggestions to give other fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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