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4 Winter Wedding Tips To Help You Keep Your Guests Warm & Happy

winter wedding tips

You’re getting married! Congratulations! Now comes the planning… If you’re figuring out a perfect date for your big day, I have some ideas for you. My wedding was in early November in northern Arizona, meaning that I was checking the weather app for weeks leading up to my wedding day. Would there be snow? What about wind? My anxiety was through the roof for a while, anticipating what it would end up looking like. With an outdoor ceremony, I really didn’t want my guests to be sitting out in the snow for an hour, or even in the pouring rain. Here is everything I did to make my day perfect – and trust me, it was. Here are 4 winter wedding tips that were absolute lifesavers for my big day.

Hot cocoa/cider station

First of all, this was the biggest hit at my wedding. If your guests are going to be waiting outside in the cold for the ceremony to begin, offer them some hot drinks! You can offer hot cocoa, cider or coffee. This was actually way easier and more lowkey than it sounds too. I was on a low budget and this was super doable. All I did was buy this water dispenser (which makes up to 45 cups of hot water!), some hot cocoa packets, some apple cider packets and this pack that comes with cups, lids, stirrers and sleeves. Fill up your dispenser with water, plug it in 45 minutes or an hour before the ceremony begins and then let your guests grab a hot drink! Having hot water available makes it really easy because your guests can just stir in their drink packets. Everyone at my wedding loved it so much that my coordinator moved it into the reception so people could drink cider and cocoa all night long.

Hot hands/Hand warmers

This was a last minute addition to my wedding set up but buying a few packs of Hot Hands or hand warmers is a great way to keep your guests warm. If your ceremony and any of your reception is outdoors, hot hands last forever and are super durable. You can also create a really cute basket or pouches for them, if you have it in the budget. These ideas from Pinterest are super super cute!

Blanket station

I personally opted out of this idea, but it’s a great one and can be super cute! Depending on how cold it is where your wedding will be, blankets are one of the easiest and smartest ways to keep your guests warm. You can get a bulk pack here on Amazon. Just make sure that you have someone appointed to go around and collect them all at the end of the night, because they might be thrown about.

Clear umbrellas

They say that rain is good luck on your wedding day. But won’t it mess up, everything?! Don’t let it! These adorable clear umbrellas are perfect if it seems like there’s going to be rain in the forecast. Rain or shine, your day must go on! Honestly, these umbrellas actually add to the aesthetic of your big day and are really cute and aesthetic! You’ll look back on your wedding pictures and be SO excited! Plus, your wedding will definitely be unique. Stay dry and fashionable with these.

What winter wedding tips do you wish you knew before your big day? How will you be keeping your guests warm at your winter wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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