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These 6 Easy Work Hairstyles Put The ‘Fun’ In Functional

It can be a pain in the butt to have to figure out what you’re doing with your hair every day when you get ready for work. I love picking out fun outfits and styles to spice up my week with a little fashion, but often, when it comes to my hair, I let things stay boring. Not anymore! Even on busy workdays, there are ways to style hair that’s quick, functional, and so fun! 

And before we get started with all the great hairstyle for work inspo, here’s a disclaimer: there is no such thing as an unprofessional hairstyle! Nothing in this article is here to tell you that if you don’t do your hair like this, or any other way, you’re not work-appropriate. It’s just hair. This list is just here for a bit of inspiration for those of us who want to mix things up and have some fun with hairstyles. And these hairstyles are perfect for a workday! They can be completed in a pinch, AND they’re functional for whatever your position may be – office to construction site and everywhere in-between.

So, without further ado, grab your favorite hair styling tools and read along! Here are some hairstyle for work ideas for you to try out!

Bubble Braids

This hairstyle is great for pretty much anything! It can be dressed up with some nice earrings in a more slick fashion, or it could be dressed down, messier yet still out-of-the-way. This hairstyle is interesting, fun, and the best part is, it can be done with pretty much any hair length! When I was a bartender, I had much longer hair than I did now, and I loved wearing my hair in bubble braids because they kept my hair out of the way for a busy shift. Though, I also think this hairstyle is absolutely adorable on short hair because it looks so cute and sweet! You can style them in one braid, two, or even in two half-up braids. There are even more super-cute variations to take on this style which would also make for a fun and easy work hairstyle.

Chic Messy Bun

There’s something about a messy bun that’s somehow not-so-perfect yet chic and polished regardless that makes for such a satisfying hairstyle. To me, Carrie Bradshaw mastered the chic messy bun with her wildly large buns slicked back, but somehow still making her wild hair texture apparent. The same can be said of certain infinity scarf-wearing fall-loving girlies and I really need them to teach me their ways. Oh yeah, and that “model-off-duty” trend, I feel like that’s just the 2022 going on 2023 take on this obviously timeless and functional hairstyle.


I don’t know if it was my elementary age obsession with headbands, but I feel like they instantly can pull a look together and make hair look effortlessly polished and stylish. Of course, headbands come in all types of styles, so finding ones that fit your vibe is up to you. But when it comes to styling, I got you! Three of my FAVORITE ways to see headbands are in long, wavy hair,  two, short and straight hair, and three with little braids! I think these are all great variations people can try should they feel lost for hair inspo for work. Not to mention, the fact that the headband literally helps keep your hair back is a great bonus when working hard!

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins… but make them FASHION! Talk about easy and chic, am I right? This hairstyle is awesome and yet another amazing way to keep your hair out of your face and keep you focused during your workday. Not to mention, looking fabulous. Grab yourself some bobby pins– whether they’re metallic colored or regular– and pin away a design. This modern hairstyle has endless possibilities, adding to how fun it is to style and wear!

Upgraded Ponytail

Do you just always tend to opt for a ponytail when getting ready for work? I’m guilty of this too. But, if it’s your go-to, at least that’s telling you something! It’s a hairstyle you’re super-comfortable with. So, here’s how we can build off that and make for some fun and interesting hairstyles throughout your work week. You can spice up your average ponytail by sleeking things and wrapping your elastic with some of your hair for a more polished look. You can also cross over pieces of your hair within the ponytail to add some interesting dimension to the style. Finally, in ultra-high-fashion, you can opt for another model-off-duty favorite, a sleek pony spiced up with  a little braid at the end. And the possibilities continue! There are tons of ways to add a little flair to your ponytail, and they’re all pretty great as far as work styles go!

The Claw Clip

The holy grail– or, I mean the claw clip is a great tool that should be in anyone’s hair supplies! It can be dressed up or down to the extremes, making it an amazing and functional accessory for your hair. Not to mention, it’s also an accessory! Different styles of claw clips are great to go with different outfits and use for different occasions. An all-up claw clip look is sophisticated, sleek and definitely functional for your workday, a half-up claw clip look can be just as elegant but it can also be casual and cute! I don’t know what it is, but I also LOVE the look of a claw clip and sunglasses, I guess it just gives the “I don’t care” vibe simultaneously with the “I have my shit together vibe” which is equally functional for work and overall badass, so it’s a good look in my opinion.

Which of hairstyle for work will be your next go-to? Do you have any other functional hair ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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