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4 Gym Hair Style Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Normal Workout Look

by Tracy Proffitt

gym hairstyle ideas

This article was written by professional hairstylist and makeup artist Tracy Proffitt. Find her on Instagram at @tracyazgal. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Gym hairstyles were on my mind while I was on the treadmill recently. Being a hairstylist, I was looking around and noticed the standard ponytail was what most women with longer hair wear. Guys with long hair usually do some variation of the man-bun. I see a lot of claw clips too, which I like to do myself sometimes so I don’t get the dreaded ponytail crimp. I do this especially if my hair is clean and I have plans immediately afterwards. Your style also depends on the type of workout you are doing! Trying to figure out how to wear your hair? Here are some gym hairstyle ideas!

The Ponytail

This is the classic go-to for the gym. It is great for all workouts that do not require you to lay on your back like yoga and Pilates do. The ponytail can get in the way of your comfort for mat workouts for sure, but It is great for getting your hair out of your face and off your neck! It’s perfect for treadmill, free weights, kettlebell, spinning and more. You can amp up the regular pony by doing a topsy tail  or french braiding the top or underneath.

The Side Braid

A side braid works great for mat workouts like yoga and Pilates, stretching or even weightlifting that uses a bench where you are laying your head back onto it.  It gets your hair off your neck, but allows you to lay flat and keep the back of your head  in a comfortable position.  It still gathers your tresses neatly and with style. You can do a regular 3 strand braid that starts at the neckline or you can do a French, Dutch  or fishtail 2 strand braid variation!

Boxer or Double Dutch/French Braids

With this style, you separate your hair down the middle equally into two braids, one on either side. It is perfect for just about any workout you are doing! We think of high intensity cardio, boxing, spinning, zumba, hiking, you name it! It is also perfect for low key workouts as well . This one has you covered,  it just takes a little more skill to do, especially on yourself! Usually, boxer braids are Dutch or inside out braids. You can also do them by using the classic French braid technique for a softer look. If you can’t quite perfect it, just do regular 3 strand braids on either side without making them Dutch or French!


This look is super cute, your hair is up high, off your neck and the back of your head; everything! This look reminds me of a ballerina, it is great for barre or Pilates! It does require it to be secured, or you will not be doing yourself any favors if it falls down mid workout! You can put your hair in a high ponytail, braid it, fasten the end with a small or invisible band and wrap it around into a bun. You’ll need to secure it with Bobby pins or a large scrunchie wrapped around at least twice! Braiding this bun does give it extra security so loose ends don’t fall out of the style. If you prefer the messy bun, you can twist or even tie the hair together after splitting the ponytail into two even sections, you’ll still need to pin it into place or use a scrunchie or hair tie.. I like to use a scrunchie or tie that matches my hair color! It blends better and gives the illusion of volume!

Whichever workout or gym hairstyle ideas you choose, at the end of the day it is about comfort and function! Most importantly we are trying to get our movement in and your hair should not be in the way! Of course it doesn’t hurt to feel cute while doing our favorite activities!

Let us know if one of these looks are your go to for the gym down in the comments below! Any other gym hairstyle ideas? Please share!

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