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2023 Beauty Trends That You Need To Jump On Right Now

by Tracy Proffitt

2023 beauty trends

This article was written by professional hairstylist and makeup artist Tracy Proffitt. Find her on Instagram at @tracyazgal. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Happy New year! We have just finished the first week of the new year, but there are some beauty trends we need to be aware of! It seems like a more exciting forecast for 2023 than the last few years. There are some fun things to try this year. I’m excited, personally as a hair and makeup artist!


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Skincare is going in a very sensible and minimal direction this year, which I think is terrific. Less waste, less fuss. Skinimalism. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity which is a great principle to live by. The focus is on great quality skincare for both face and body. Choosing products that can multitask and swapping one or two products out seasonally. Think of it as a curated micro-collection for your skin. Skincare is being viewed as a self care ritual instead of an obligation that you force yourself to do morning and night. One of my favorite new products is Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Gel Cream.

2023 beauty trends


This stuff seriously moisturized my dry skin and sets to a supple finish that is perfect for using as a primer for your makeup! It is non irritating and is great for your face and under eye area. This is really all you need. It is not heavy or greasy because of its unique gel-cream formula. Safe for all skin types!


Big blowouts, box bobs, sides parts and face framing layers. Wow, that’s a lot to visualize, let’s break it down! Basically, styled hair whether long or short is in. The side part is back, even the deep side part is a power move for hair again.  Long hair, face framing layers and bangs but even more rockstar curly fluffy bangs are as well. Big Blowouts! Think of the shag or butterfly cut but big and blown out. To easily get the Big Blowout look, try some good old fashioned hot rollers. They are quick and easy to use on clean and dry hair.

2023 beauty trends


Box Bob

A box bob simply is a square bob with bangs, no layers. It can be sharp or slightly softened around the edges but more structured than the  French bob. Think of Jenna Ortega’s new cut!

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are adorable, it is a nice alternative to curtain bangs if you have naturally curly hair. It gives a rockstar Stevie Nicks vibe too!

Side Part

A side part is making its way back into society! Thank goodness. Not only that, the deep side part is a power move. Don’t get it confused with the emo comb over side part from 10 years ago.

Face Framing Layers

We have been blowing and curling our hair away from our faces for a long while now. That is still in style, but a 90s throwback to turning your ends inward is coming back! We will go in reserve for this look. This is more subdued than the OG face frame, it is gorgeous and a little more relaxed!


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Metallics, more blush, Glam-goth, Victorian, Punk-Pop and Barbiecore! Wow, I am seriously loving this! With all the immersive art experiences and interactive themed events to go to, these fun makeup cosplay styles are sticking around for daily wear!


Metallics are big for both makeup and nails this year. Gunmetal, bronze, copper, silver and gold. Mix those finishes too, no need need to stick to just one, just like jewelry.

Smudged & Smoky

Dark smudged, smokey eyes will be everywhere. The goth-glam rockstar who didn’t wash their makeup off the night before look.

Victorian Blush

Blush is still here, but more of it! With the tiktok crying girl, sunburn and cold girl blush looks that mimic real life outcomes of environmental exposure, which is pretty silly btw. The victorian blush look that uses stains and liquid blush are in as well.


Barbiecore is in. I guess this is just because of the new Gretta Gerwig movie coming out with Margo Robbie, but the color pink is here to stay. Think preppy, pink, sporty, but girly.


Now for my favorite, Punk-Pop. Think 80s fluerescent day glow colors, avant garde, crazy fashion and geometrical shapes! It’s like poser-punk, a softer brighter and more artsy version.

Which one of these 2023 beauty trends resonates with you the most? Will you try one or more this year? Do you like the direction hair and makeup are heading? Let us know in the comments below!

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