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Feeling Old? Here Are 5 Albums Turning 10 in 2023

Albums turning 10 in 2023

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Somehow it has already been 10 years since 2013. While it was a big year for social trends, it was also a big year for music releases. It was a year full of a variety of debut albums, as well as chart-topping songs like “Thrift Shop,” “Harlem Shake” and “Radioactive.” When looking back at the music released in 2013, I quickly realized that some of the albums were, and are still, iconic 10 years later. With that being said, let’s take a look back at five albums turning 10 in 2023.

“Midnight Memories” by One Direction

As a die-hard Directioner in 2013 I remember how big of a year it was for Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. They released their documentary “One Direction: This Is Us,” won numerous awards and released the charity single “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)” for Comic Relief. However, one of the most defining moments was the release of their third studio album “Midnight Memories” on Nov. 25. This album marked a change in sound for the band, one that was more mature and leaning away from their original bubblegum pop tone. The lyrics, especially on “Little Black Dress,” “Little White Lies” and “Why Don’t We Go There,” veered toward more suggestive undertones. However, other tracks, such as “Story of My Life,” “Strong,” “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” and “Through the Dark,” offer fans comfort and a deeper look into the band’s innermost feelings. “Midnight Memories” also marked the second-to-last album before Zayn left the band in 2015. Looking back at this album makes me nostalgic for a 1D comeback era, but I have loved seeing each of the boys thrive in their solo careers.

“Beyoncé” by Beyoncé

Of course I had to include Queen B herself on this list, seeing that her surprise album drop was one of the most iconic moments of 2013. Her self-titled fifth album was released on Dec. 13 and closed out the year with a bang. It gave us the hits “Drunk in Love (feat. Jay-Z),” “***Flawless” and “Partition” to name a few, while the deluxe edition gave us “7/11.” Additionally, Beyoncé filmed music videos for each of the 14 tracks prior to its release, which only adds to the surprise element of her self-titled era. A majority of the tracks have a sultry sound to them and include a wide variety of innuendos. However, the album’s most tender moment comes with the track “Blue (feat. Blue Ivy).” This song is an ode to her then almost 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter and features her laugh as the track’s outro. I think I will always love this album because of the way Beyoncé flawlessly crosses genres and incorporates spoken words into some of the tracks. While Beyoncé continues to keep breaking boundaries with every new release, her self-titled album will forever hold a spot in music history.

“Pure Heroine” by Lorde

I think I will forever remember the first time I heard “Royals.” I was at my middle school volleyball practice when, all of a sudden, Lorde’s distinct vocals filled the court and piqued my interest. Then, I heard the song everywhere: multiple radio stations, malls, more practices, you name it. While “Royals”’ quickly became overplayed, Lorde’s debut album “Pure Heroine,” which was released on Sept. 27, felt like a palate cleanser. Each song feels like it should be in an indie film, but sonically and lyrically it is unique for the 2013 era since it strayed away from traditional pop. If I had to name my top three songs I think they would be “Ribs,” “Glory And Gore” and “Buzzcut Season.” The album not only defined what it meant to be a teen in 2013, but it brought Lorde into the limelight, earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2014 and helped catapult her career into what it is now.

“ARTPOP” by Lady Gaga

While “The Fame” and “Born This Way” allowed the world to become accustomed to Lady Gaga’s sound and vocal ability, “ARTPOP” challenged everything they thought they knew about the artist. For starters, the album’s direction and performance isn’t too far off from the Gaga we saw on her first two albums, but the sound is completely different. We see Gaga lean into electronic dance music for a majority of the album, which includes its ballads. While it gave fans the Billboard chart-topping single “Applause,” it also gave them songs like “Dope,” “Venus” and “G.U.Y.” However, there was also a controversial moment regarding the song “Do What You Want,” which featured R. Kelly — it has since been removed from the album on streaming services. I remember liking “Applause” when it was first released, but for me personally, the album fell flat in comparison to her first two. While one doesn’t necessarily think of “ARTPOP” when they think of Lady Gaga, it still has some bops, despite its experimental nature.

“Yours Truly” by Ariana Grande

For a debut album, Ariana Grande set the bar high with her signature silky tone and impressive whistle tones. The production on “Yours Truly” also crosses multiple genres and eras, ranging from R&B and hip-hop to 1950s-esque stylings. Listening back to this album 10 years later was an experience since it is one of my least listened to albums. However, it reminded me of my middle school era jamming out to “The Way (feat. Mac Miller)” and “Right There (feat. Big Sean)” during school dances. The ballads on this album are also great. For example, “Tattooed Heart” and “Almost Is Never Enough (feat. Nathan Sykes)” seem like they belong on some of her later albums instead of a debut, due to the amount of love and pain they individually convey. However, the one song that falls flat for me is “Popular Song (feat. MIKA)” because it feels like it was thrown in the track list randomly. Trust me, I know how much a fan of “Wicked” Grande is, but the album could’ve lived without this cringe-worthy track. Overall, this album almost seems too mature for a debut — in a good way — and shows off Grande’s immense talent at a mere 20 years old.

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I could go on talking for hours about the albums that came out in 2013, but for the sake of our readers I will stop here. Looking back at these five albums not only made me nostalgic for my teen years, but it also made me realize just how far each of these artists have grown in their talent over the last 10 years. 

What albums turning 10 in 2023 are you most nostalgic about? Let us know in the comments!

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