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In Your Twenties and Single? Show Yourself Some Love With These 5 Solo Date Ideas

solo date ideas

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Being single in your twenties doesn’t have to be filled with swiping endlessly on dating apps. You can show yourself some love by making an effort to treat yourself to a solo date once a month. I have been attempting to do this monthly as a way to give myself a mental break, but to also get away from the societal pressure I feel of being single in my twenties. If you also want to get into the habit of going out by yourself, here are 5 fun solo date ideas for you to add to your list.


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I consider myself to be a connoisseur of art. I love everything about museums, learning new things about my favorite pieces and the artists who created them. So, every time I get the opportunity to go to a museum I will take it. The last museum I went to was the National Gallery in London and it was breathtaking. If you also love all things art related, I highly recommend going on a solo date to a museum near you so you can fully take in everything it has to offer on your own time instead of rushing through it. Some museums, such as the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and the Getty Center in Los Angeles, even offer free admission — be sure to check your local museum’s admission policy before you go!

Visit a new coffee shop or restaurant

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You’ve probably seen this one listed in other solo date articles before, but it is always a good idea. I could probably make a list of 10 coffee shops and restaurants that I’ve been meaning to try out, but haven’t because I haven’t stopped to take a moment to. Since I’ve been trying to take myself on solo dates, I have checked one or two off my list so far and have discovered some of my new favorite places to eat. I highly recommend this solo date idea because, not only is this a good way to destress, but you could also find your new go-to spot.

Spend time in nature

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While I often find myself neglecting spending time in nature due to work or just not wanting to leave the comfort of my own home, I have found that, when I do get outside, I am more at ease than I was minutes prior. There is just something about being in the sunshine or going on a walk that recenters me. Even though this may not seem like a date, it is still a way in which you can treat yourself. So, go take that hike you’ve been wanting on or go find a new park to have a picnic at.

Paint & Sip

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When I was in college the student activities organization used to hold paint nights once a semester. I remember going to the first one fall semester of my Freshman year and absolutely falling in love with painting. There was just something about being able to follow the instructor and create something I loved that scratched an itch in my brain. Since I have now graduated, I’ve been on the hunt for a paint-and-sip studio near me so I can let my creative juices flow while indulging in some adult beverages. This is a great idea for a solo date if you want to let loose and get in touch with your creative side, plus it’s in a group setting so you might meet a new friend in the process.

Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting

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The other day I found myself wandering the aisles of Target like one does when they’re bored. I made my way to the clearance section and saw that they had a bunch of cute phone cases marked down. I remembered then that I had been meaning to get a new phone case, but hadn’t since it is rare for me to give in and do something for myself. However, I fell in love with one of the cases and, instead of giving in to my previous ways of denying myself something I wanted, I caved, bought it and was extremely happy with my decision. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves to the item(s) or experiences we’ve been wanting for a long time, especially if we know it won’t break the bank. Denying yourself that excitement won’t get you anywhere, it will just make you want it even more.

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Overall, going on solo dates doesn’t have to be a daunting thing for us singles to do. Make it an opportunity for you to get out and do something for yourself or to try that new coffee shop you’ve been meaning to go to. Trust me, there is no better time than the present to treat yourself to what you deserve.

Do you know of any other fun solo date ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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