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What Is Notion? The Ultimate Notion App Guide With Tips And Tricks

notion tips for students

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Do you love planning, making to-do lists and increasing your productivity? Well, then you might have heard of the amazingly versatile program called Notion. The app, with built-in calendars, lists, and spreadsheets, has so many different uses and can make planning your life out a whole lot easier.

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Notion is the perfect tool for getting organized and staying on track with your goals. But we know that online planning programs can be difficult to maneuver, which is why we’re giving you a complete app review and guide. After doing a deep dive into the platform, we’ve compiled a list of Notion tips for students, full-time employees or those who simply love planning. Here are the best Notion tips and tricks to help you become your most productive self.

What Is Notion?


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Notion is a relatively new app, so you might not be totally familiar with it yet. Allow us to change that! The app markets itself as a productivity and note-taking program, but its uses don’t stop there. With Notion, you can manage your tasks, plan out the week or month, create to-do lists, make helpful spreadsheets, and even use it as a space to journal. The app is so versatile and can help you with personal planning, organizing school assignments or managing tasks at work. And, the best part is you can use Notion for free, which is perfect for college students on tight budgets. Whatever part of your life you need to get together, there are so many possible uses for Notion and different ways that you can start using the platform to your benefit. Here are some ways to navigate the app so you can start implementing Notion into your everyday life.

How To Use It


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After you create an account with Notion, it might look confusing because of all the different pages and functions. Don’t fret; we’re here to help, and so is Notion. Notice that there’s a “Getting Started” page with a list of tips to help get you going. At this point, you’re going to want to play around with the app. Get familiar with its functions and browse the templates. This will help you get a sense of what you want to use Notion for and what you want your Notion to look like. By the way, Notion can be used right on the website itself, or you can download it to your computer as an application for easier access. And don’t forget that the company itself offers tutorials to help users get acquainted with its app, like this great starter video on the basics of the platform as well as over 50 other helpful tutorials.

The Best Templates To Use

If you’re mainly intending on using Notion for planning and don’t want to spend a ton of time personalizing the app, a good idea would be to find a ready-to-use template. Fortunately, many Notion users have created templates and put them online for anyone to use, and the aesthetically pleasing options are endless. To find a template that you’ll want to call your own, try searching “Notion template” on Pinterest or YouTube. Once you find one you love, you’ll want to get the link to the template, which will likely be in the description of the Pin or video. Click the link which will take you to Notion. Once you’re on the template’s page, click “Duplicate” on the top of your screen, adding the template to your pages. From there, you can edit the template and make it your own! This video has a great, in-depth tutorial on using Notion and even offers adorable templates that you can use in its description.

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With all of its different uses and aesthetic options, the most important thing is that your Notion is tailored to what you need to accomplish your goals. So, explore the possibilities, have fun with it and become the most organized version of yourself with Notion. 

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