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You’ve Heard of 9 to 5, But What About 5 to 9? The New Morning Routine You’ll Want To Try

5 to 9 morning routine

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If you work a 9-5 job, you know how draining it can be. By the time you get off work, you might feel too exhausted to do anything social, fun or productive. And, if you sleep in the morning until your alarm goes off and go straight to work after, then you just missed out on having a nice, relaxing morning. If you find yourself in this soul-sucking cycle, you’re not alone.

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It’s no doubt that being a 9-5 working hottie is hard. That’s why so many people all over TikTok and Instagram have been following a new morning routine to make the most out of their time before going to work. It’s called the 5-9 routine before the 9-5, and it’ll probably change your life.

What is the 5 to 9 routine?

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Essentially, it’s like working a 5-9 shift before your actual 9-5 shift. Except this shift is probably a lot more relaxing and productive and is really for your own benefit. This new self-care trend has people waking up at 5 in the morning to do whatever they need to do for themselves before work. This can mean taking the time to eat a hearty breakfast, going on a hot girl walk, planning the day, going to the gym, journaling and so much more. By the time 9 rolls around and it’s time to clock in, you’ve already been awake, ready and moving for hours and are ready to take on whatever the day has to offer.

People are loving the 5-9 morning routine as a form of self-care, and so are we! When you take the time to do things that you love and enjoy, your mental health and mindset are bound to improve, especially if you work an emotionally draining job. Being there for yourself is so important and practicing self-care before work every day is a great way to show yourself some love. So, do something for yourself and try the 5-9 shift.

How To Make It Happen

Without a doubt, having a 5-9 morning routine seems amazing. But how easy is it to wake up at 5 in the morning and actually get out of bed? Even though it sounds daunting and pretty unlikely for a lot of people, waking up early in the morning to be productive is possible!

Despite the 5-9 being an early morning routine, it’s still important to get enough sleep during the night, otherwise, it wouldn’t be conducive to self-care. To actually implement the 5-9, it’s important to go to bed early the night before. A good time to hit the hay would be around 8 P. M. or even earlier, depending on how much sleep you feel you need. It’s probably not realistic, and definitely isn’t healthy, to go to sleep late in the evening and wake up at dawn. So, make sure you catch enough Z’s during the night so you can have the self-care morning of your dreams.

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Remember that the most important part of the 5-9 routine before your 9-5 is that it’s supposed to help you. Don’t feel like you have to wake up at 5 in the morning every day! You know what’s best for you and your body. Try and find what works for you; it’s possible to have a great morning routine before work that doesn’t look like the ones on TikTok. Your version of the 5-9 routine can mean having an early self-care start to most of your days while still getting some extra sleep in whenever you need it.

Did you like this article on the 5 to 9 morning routine? Do you have any other ideas on how to have a good morning routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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