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5 Healthy Beauty Products You Need: Natural Brands, Natural Looks

natural beauty products

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All-natural beauty products are often ideal in theory and disappointing in application. Skincare enthusiasts and sensitive skin sufferers can relate to battling with flaky mascara and dusty foundation in an effort to “clean up” their routines. Luckily, after years of trial and error, I’ve refined my list of natural products that feel great on my skin and work just as well as their standard counterparts.

Mineral Sunscreen

natural beauty products


Applying sunscreen should be an integral part of your morning routine, particularly as the days warm up and we spend more time outdoors. There are two common sunscreens available: mineral and chemical. Zinc oxide, the active ingredient in mineral sunscreen, is “generally recognized as safe and effective” by the FDA, whereas chemical sunscreens often contain trace carcinogens. Skin absorbs chemical sunscreens more than mineral varieties, thus greatly exposing the user to any trace carcinogens in the formula. Unfortunately, because mineral sunscreens are not highly absorbed, some leave a white film upon application. The Farmacy Green Defence Daily Mineral Sunscreen boasts an SPF of 30 and is the only mineral sunscreen I have tried that leaves absolutely no white cast, even during sweaty workouts. Wear it on its own, or mix it with your favorite foundation for more coverage. It’s the priciest item in my skincare routine but well worth the investment.


natural beauty products


Susceptible to flaking, melting, and spoiling quickly, natural mascaras can be tricky to navigate. This mascara by Mineral Fusion, which comes in brown and black shades, is my go-to. The formula is lightweight and smooth enough to apply in multiple layers. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and stays on all day. I prefer makeup that can be removed gently, so I love that this mascara can be taken off with just warm water, cleanser, and a dash of micellar water. I’d suggest finding something more waterproof for the gym or pool, but Mineral Fusion’s mascara is perfect for everyday use.

Lip Color


Natural lip products are fairly easy to find come by, but I’ve found a non-irritating favorite. This lip gloss, also by Mineral Fusion, isn’t sticky and can be integrated into both daily and dressed-up looks. With an ingredients list that looks almost like a grocery receipt, this gloss is full of nourishing oils and soothing cacao butter. It never aggravates my dryness-prone lips and mixes well with additional moisturizing products like Aquaphor and lip balm. For an extra pop of color, I layer the gloss over my favorite tinted lip balms from Sky Organics.



I like to keep my facial makeup routine minimal, which is where this palette by Pacifica comes in. The matte shades will fulfill all your blushing and bronzing needs, and the shimmery shades double as highlighter and eyeshadow. Use this palette on its own to create a natural and monochromatic effect, or work in some additional eye and lip colors to brighten things up. The powder applies smoothly and isn’t dusty, so it’s perfect for building into more dramatic looks.



If you’re active on social media, particularly in the beauty world, you’ve probably seen advertisements for Native. The brand is so beloved by influencers that I first doubted its quality. How could so many people be converting to natural deodorant? After trying my first stick, I quickly confirmed that the hype was real. The scents are fresh without being cloying, and they last all day. A handful of fragrances are available on Amazon, but Native’s website boasts greater variety and seasonal specials. Their body lotion, body wash, and hair products have also earned my immediate yes.

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Consider these recommendations your sign to start shopping for all-natural beauty products that fit into your daily routine! There’s no need to say goodbye to any of your favorite staples, but if you’re in the mood to try something new, I’m sure you’ll love these brands just as much as I do. 

What are your favorite all natural beauty products? Leave us your brand recommendations in the comments below!

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